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    Episode — Earwolf Challenge Epilogue

    I like the idea of a non-comedy focused season 2 but Matt is right in thinking that alone is too apples vs. oranges. The subject theme should be more narrowly defined. Also, the criteria for evaluating a political/government debate/talk show are already established but hearing this kind of talk and getting into the political feelings of Earwolf and guest judges is going to turn off some people.
  2. Zombiebabies

    Episode 6.2 — Sketches: Day 2

    For the record, I did laugh out loud at the Totally Laime sketch but the reading critique is completely fair. Unlike the other challenges, this week's competition is something the podcasts will never be expected to do again. I am rooting for TL but my biggest complaint about them is their default/home icon image that comes up on iTunes and my mp3 player. Wonder if that will be a competition?
  3. Zombiebabies

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    A few thoughts: a) Not a Phish fan either and Harris hasn't made his case but I do understand where he's coming from In turn, Scott should try to convince Harris to become a Prince fan in a future episode c) is this a format that will allow Cyber Thug Radio to return to the Earwolf fold? d) how do Phish fans feel about Ween? The Ween boys have the same problem (except for I think they have better studio albums)?
  4. Zombiebabies

    Episode 1.3 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 3

    @Jeff I hoped I asked the question nicely before someone else did less politely. Being more inclusive for contestants helped insure the winner will not sound like any of the existing Earwolf shows.
  5. Zombiebabies

    Episode 1.3 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 3

    My only concern about some of the contestants selected is the use of Skype. It seems like a step backwards in terms of audio quality that Jeff has said he was concerned with and was looking to improve going forward.
  6. Zombiebabies

    Episode 1.1 — Meet the Podcasts: Day 1

    I was under the impression that the competitors would come from completely off the radar. I've listened to a couple of these podcasts already. I have my favorites as a result. I am curious about some of the challenges they will have to go through later.
  7. Zombiebabies

    Henderson at the Hot Dog eating contest

    Epic Hall of Fame stuff. Not only is Pat Bertoletti a citizen but he drinks for free whenever visiting. He is a must get via skype or whatever for Sklarbro Country.
  8. Zombiebabies

    Episode 13 — Bathtub Safety

    Someone needs to do animation for these Bob Ducca podcasts. I'd pay to see that.