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  1. Ha yes, I thought something similar when Jeff made the knocking sound.

    Actually that could make a great one-off episode; a special character edition of The Wolf Den where's Jeff's "in-depth" discussion with Patton Oswalt is interrupted by a sinister character. Honestly it might work as some sort of April fools goof or something like that.

  2. Surprised to see Bad Teacher popping up on a worst list and getting a bit of criticism, it was one of my favorite movies of the year. But then maybe that's because I thought it looked terrible from the trailer, but a friend convinced me it was good and worth a look and I ended up being very pleasantly surprised by it. Especially by Matt Besser Abe Lincoln.

  3. I'm confused, unless I misheard, Scott referenced having been in New York, but I thought this episode would have been recorded the same day of the "Best of 2011" which would have been before he left. Is Scott able to see into the future and develop memories he will have the day the podcast drops?!

    Also is PFT really unfamiliar with the word "peeved" or is it just a choice he made that Herzog would be?

    Anyway great episode as ever, it feels like ages since we've had a game of would you rather so that was fun. And this week the part the made me crack up laughing most in public most was the revelation that Richie Rich was assassinated by his butler.

  4. Well Austin, as far as I can remember
    Scott Aukerman - Himself
    Harris Wittels - Himself
    Paul F Tompkins - Andrew Lloyd Webber*
    Brett Gelman - Billy Crystal
    Thomas Lennon - Little Gary
    Jon Daly - Kelsey Grammar, Dr. Bill Cosby-Bukowski Boss**
    Adam Pally - Hungover Comedian that probably should have just called in sick (God bless him for coming in anyway though)
    Nick Kroll - El Chupacabra
    Seth Morris - Bob Ducca
    James Adomian - Jesse Ventura, Huell Howser
    *Andrew Lloyd Webber put on the Kelsey Grammar skin, for a time although it seemed to actually turn him into Fraiser.
    **Bill Cosby-Bukowski briefly took off his skin to reveal he was George Wendt/Norm but he found it boring so he soon put the Cosby skin back on.
    I hope that's everyone in order of appearance. Did I forget anyone?

  5. Thanks for the great podcast, ladies. I look forward to your return in April. Good luck with the album, if the quality of that Father Christmas song is anything to go by it'll be great. I keep listening to it and Lil Gary's song on the latest Comedy Bang Bang. I'm thinking you should all collaborate on a song.

  6. I know this is a petty thing to bring up, and I really don't mean to sound like I'm complaining or unappreciative but the opening Audible ad felt a little jarring. The 2nd one is fine because it's the character version of Brett Gelman promoting it, whereas the opening seems like the real life Brett. I think because of the nature of the show that just feels a bit of place in a way that adverts on other shows don't. Honestly, I'm really not bothered by it, but it did strike me that it might be harder putting advertising into this show.
    Anyway, another great episode.

  7. I think of math rock as "alternative rock with unusual time signatures" That's probably oversimplifying things, but hopefully would give someone a vague idea of what it might sound like.
    I know even the phrase "time signatures" might not be something non-musicians aren't very familiar with, but that isn't too hard to explain is it?
    Anyway congratulations on going for a year guys. I'm not someone who pays much attention to the charts so I was a bit indifferent when I first saw the concept of the show, so at first I only tuned in occasionally if there was a guest I was really interested in. But over time I started listening regularly because I wanted to hear Howard and Kulap every week and the guests were just a very big bonus on top of that. And now thanks to the show, I actually am able to keep up with the top movies and music. So thanks for the consistently great show you guys.

  8. This was my favorite episode so far, got very off-track at times, but something about Scott, Harris and Adam together is so funny. Like Scott, I also warmed to them during "Harry Hood" and that one at about 54 minutes in, so I could see myself enjoying some of their stuff, but that still seems to leave a lot of terrible funk.