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    Announcing Earwolf's New CEO

    Best of luck to you Jeff! Thank you for everything you've done. I love Earwolf and it wouldn't be the amazing organization it is without you.
  2. ZachCoty

    Episode 209 — The Bisco Boys

    This episode was so great. It came out on my birthday so I consider it the bbbbest bbbbirthday bbbbonussssuh episode ever. Thanks you!
  3. ZachCoty

    Episode 117.5 — 3/1/13 TWO CHARTED 56

    I love the joy in Howard's voice with the realization that Summah is coming in the beginning. This was such a good episode. I can picture Howard driving around in a smart car smiling and it's a good look. i can't wait to Have Anothah Summah.
  4. ZachCoty

    Episode 5 — Analyze Fish

    This jumps to the top of my playlist
  5. ZachCoty

    Episode 93 — RikiLeaks

    I Love This Episode
  6. ZachCoty

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    18 minutes in Scott ruined my computer screen by making me spit take.
  7. I am on day 1 of Original Content. I started this show on the first week, but I was without internet for a while so I couldn't listen live. I decided to go through it because I've become a fan of Totally Laime and I got curious. I'm making this topic because of what Matt is saying during the opening of this episode. I think that The Earwolf Challenge was a very successful experiment but definitely a learning process for everyone. I absolutely think a season 2 should be done sometime after Totally Laime's one year contract is up. I think the structure of the show could be polished and tightened up, which you guys are talking about in my headphones right now, and I think this show was definitely interesting and entertaining enough to earn a second season. Also, I'm wondering (and forgive me if this has been talked about, I haven't really browsed the forum) what will happen at the end of Totally Laime's contract. I personally will continue to listen whether or not they stay with Earwolf, but returning to defend their title could be interesting for season 2 of the Challenge. I also kind of think it would be silly for Earwolf to let go of a successful show, so maybe instead they could return to be directly involved with a specific challenge or something completely new or whatever. Anyway, I'm enjoying the show and I hope we see more of it.
  8. ZachCoty

    Episode 66 — Get Up On This

    This episode was so good it brought Summah to Buffalo. It's 60 and sunny out of nowhere today. Thanks guys!
  9. ZachCoty

    Episode 65 — Dubstep on the Grass

    This really is my new favorite episode. I have very rarely laughed that hard and that loud by myself. I rewound the Todd Glass part three times. It was even Todd's humor, absolutely amazing. I still want a rock
  10. ZachCoty

    Episode 65 — Dubstep on the Grass

    I'm three minutes and twenty-eight seconds into this episode and I already want a rock
  11. ZachCoty

    Episode 62.5 — 2/10/12 TWO CHARTED

    This just has to be posted https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xP1-oquwoL8
  12. ZachCoty

    Episode 143 — Grammy Spectacular

    Also Scott and Kulap should totally be on the Todd Glass Show soon
  13. ZachCoty

    Episode 143 — Grammy Spectacular

    It's fun already! I love it
  14. ZachCoty

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    You know, whenever I do mushrooms I feel more sober than when I'm sober.
  15. ZachCoty

    Episode 100 — EPISODE 100!!!

    Great episode, Doug Benson was fantastic (as if he could be anything but). I also REALLY liked the song at the end. Where can I get more of that?
  16. ZachCoty

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    Holy shit. What an episode
  17. ZachCoty

    Episode 46 — Margaret and Al

    ahhhhahahaha what a great goddamn episode
  18. ZachCoty

    Summah Songs

    All of Bomb The Music Industry!'s new album, Vacation http://quoteunquoterecords.com/qur051.htm
  19. For instance, Doug Benson is coming to Nietzsche's in Buffalo on September 14th and it's not showing up
  20. ZachCoty

    Episode 11 — Altered States

    Alcohol is more of a poison than mushrooms. Mushrooms are hardly a drug, you're more sober than when you're sober on them.
  21. ZachCoty

    Episode 11 — Altered States

    I'm catching up on the show, I missed the last month or so worth. I'm about 20 minutes into this episode and Doug just mentioned that he doesn't dream anymore. I have this as well, but I've had it since LONG before I started smoking pot. In fact, I only had one dream until I was about 8 years old. I would every few months have the falling dream and it would always happen the same way. Now I'm 22, and the only time I ever really dream is when I take melatonin to help me get to sleep when I have work early the next day. Weird
  22. ZachCoty

    Tremors (1990)

  23. ZachCoty

    Charts Suggestions

    Once a month, have an episode of user submitted charts. We could email or tweet or post here or something our top 5 lists.