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  1. thebranman

    Season 2?

    That's terrible news, but i get it. I just hope he can find a way to get it to us sometime soon. Mike Detective is maybe my favorite thing on the internetz.
  2. thebranman

    Season 2?

    Kept hearing Scott-a-bot say that season 2 would be coming in September, and now we're in October. Is there any news you can give us? I don't mind waiting, but can you let us know if its going to be delayed a few days? Weeks? Months? Indefinitely? Really looking forward to it.
  3. thebranman

    When oh when will James Adomian return?

    sucks he won't be on CBB as much, but it'll be nice to hear his version of a podcast. and Chase, your post made me spit take.
  4. thebranman

    Bret Gelman podcast

    yeah, i'd love to hear an update on this. i understand everyone at Earwolf is pretty busy, and i'm sure Brett's busy too, but it would be nice to know if this is something we can expect in a week, month, year, etc.