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  1. When I saw this ep downloading in my iTunes, I had a physical release, and several more during the playback. Oh, it was funny, too.
  2. FunnyName

    Episode 316 — In the Larp Run

    I am just 25 minutes into the show and already distracted. Dane seems to have his dates mixed up. Didn't Steve Martin quit stand-up in 1981? When did Steve sell out Madison Square Garden? Dane would have been around 9 years old and not his teens in 1981.
  3. FunnyName

    Episode 86 — Ernest Goes To Jail

    Jim Varney as Virgil Simms singing Redneck Heaven on Fernwood 2 Night https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AE8F7VpB6X0
  4. FunnyName

    Episode 135 — Scavenge and the Wisemen

    thanks for another fun one!
  5. FunnyName

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    Wow! Thank you for introducing me to this incredible flick! I thought the interview with Lexi was off the charts great; very informative and honest. My favorite episode so far.
  6. FunnyName

    Episode 45 — Sex Chickens

    Another great show guys! What's high in the middle and round on the end? O-hi-o! I might visit if they turned the state into a Devo theme park. Howard, I had a beer can collection about the same age as you, back in the early 80's....my favorite was Billy Beer. Keep up the phunny!
  7. In addition to pay phones, newspaper vending machines are also valuable sources for forgotten coins. Also, do you have any recommendations for executive "ass gaskets"?
  8. FunnyName

    Episode 2 — Analyze Phish Episode 2

    I'm not a Phish fan, and I don't find myself any closer to being one after this episode. Hilarious episode! I really enjoy the chemistry between Harris and Scott. My taste in music is similar to Scotts' (minus the DANCE music ). I like songs with a good hook. In my opinion, find a Phish song that is under 6 minutes and has a catchy hook and Scott may be convinced. That being said, I hope Scott is never converted and this wonderful conceit continues. Andrew PS - Thanks to member Ken Smith for setting me straight on "Gin N Juice" on the previous episode board. I think I've had that mp3 mislabeled since LImeWire. Since it Isn't a Phish cover, I'm back to square one; I haven't heard anything I've liked.
  9. FunnyName

    Episode 1 — Analyze Phish

    Great first show. I am not a fan of Phish. I associate their music and scene with The Greatful Dead which I don't like; although I do respect their approach to the music business. I do enjoy covers in general, and "Gin N Juice" particularly, so I'm not closed to the idea of liking more than one song by Phish. I've tried to listen to their other covers, but never discovered anything appealing. Harris did a great job with the music selections, it was what I would expect from a Phish fan --- "Cities" was unlistenable, they ruined the hook and the Stones song was unremarkable. In the end, like Lady Gaga, I think you need to be born that way to enjoy Phish. Environment or genetics? The eternal question may be answered again, since Trading Places kinda already covered this. If one day Harris succeeds in convincing Scott, I'd like them to do a podcast from a Phish show for the final episode. Keep up the funny, looking forward to many, many episodes.
  10. FunnyName

    Episode 117 — Can\'t Never Did Nothing

    Due a rare computer virus that erases the last 5 minutes of all my podcasts, I've never actually been able to listen to the end of CBB/CDR. In fact, when I listen to podcasts that are less than 5 minutes (ie Affirmation Nation), it causes me to freeze in my tracks until time catches up. It is actually a blessing and hopefully I'll be able to infect my next computer and keep the virus alive. Please take that into consideration when reading the rest of my post. CBB/CDR is an amazing show, a hilarious podcast I eagerly enjoy each week. Will we get to hear "Would you rather?" or "What am I thinking?", "Hollywood facts" or "Freestyle Rap"? The anticipation is agonizing! I do have one confession to make; I really miss the world-famous slogan, "What's up hotdog?" I set myself to thinking and came up with an idea to seamlessly incorporate it back into the show via comedy bit or segment. As we all know, our esteemed host, Hawk Slotterman's dynamic personality and humor draws the finest talent to the illustrious CBB studios and he is not afraid to tackle the most pressing issues. Be that as it may, Hawk Slotterman's talent and comedic genius, let alone the oft-rumored Pringles Can package, cannot satiate my thirst for knowledge about these interesting people in one show! So I think you would be providing a valuable service to you and your guests in letting the general public know where we can see or hear these amazing performers. Name the segment, "What's Up Hot Dog Presents the Komedy Kalendar" or something like that and have the guests "plug" (list their upcoming appearance dates) to their hearts content! Thanks for all the fun.
  11. FunnyName

    Episode 5.3 — Using the Guest: Day 3

    I think Matt is running a fair contest and I don't think the judges have showed any bias toward TL or LDDC. I've listened to all the challenge episodes and never listened to any of the contestants outside of Earwolf, and those two have clearly been the cream of the crop. In my opinion, except for the LDDC, I think this week was particularly tough on the judges because all of the entries needed improvement. The contestants need to work on the 15 second introductions; it is critical to set up their bits. A better intro will help the judges gain some perspective when dropping into the podcasts. So far, I've LOL'd the most with TL, but I love LDDC's authenticity and chemistry. At this point, my vote goes to LDDC. Thanks for the great podcast! Drew
  12. FunnyName

    Episode 36 — How Did This Get Made?

    Howard & Kulap, Another great show. Such drama, Howard and Kroll, Kulap and Shrek, please share more! Love it when Kulap cracks up from Howard's sometimes awkward phrasing. Paul is such a funny and generous comedian, I think I've deciphered his clues and am well on my way to some sweet, sweet, nazi gold. The only problem with the show is that, like summah, it's too damn short. Thanks for all the free entertainment! Drew
  13. FunnyName

    Episode 25 — Raspberry Lemon Dew

    Summa Gum FTW. Another great episode and guest -- found Warren F's musical insights very interesting. Loved hearing about the OC punk scene... would have liked to hear Warren's opinion on Stone Temple Pilots since he and Scott Weiland were high school classmates.