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  1. bibz

    What should we do for our anniversary?

    How about a chart of the top anniversaries. Coming in at numbah 1? This ep! Or how about a divisive top 5 episodes of who charted chart? Or a top 5 charts from within who charteds chart catalogue. Chartalogue? (in beach combah dialect, I'm guessing thats pronounced 'chart-a-log-you')
  2. bibz

    Episode 109 — The Andy Samberg Special

    That plugs song ruled Doug. Entrancing with depressive atmospheric black metal elements, props to the creator! The pure essence of whats up hot dog in audio form. I could continue a Duccian rant here but bro-mberg told me to not be a faget.
  3. bibz

    Episode 1 — Hand Putty

    I had no idea snooki was such a ducca fan! She's going all out to promote the new show http://www.usmagazine.com/uploads/assets/articles/41564-snooki-loses-license-faces-possible-lawsuit-after-crash/1306865924_snooki-290.jpg