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  1. Pezzatron

    EPISODE 212 — Identity Pt. 1

    As has been said already, I think we may be approaching the natural end of Blastoff. It feels absurd, welcoming the end of something that has given you so much joy for so long. But like an old family pet, you'd rather see it conclude its journey being something like it used to be, not a shadow of its former self.
  2. Pezzatron

    Episode 207 — Modeling

    Beachpoop's questions are hilariously long sometimes
  3. Pezzatron

    Episode 191 — Kyle and His Mother

    I loved this episode! It was over too soon, hopefully an annual Judy Kyle catch up could be a thing
  4. Pezzatron

    Episode 184 — Reader Mail

    I personally think David adds less and less to the podcast these days. I like him, but I think he just isn't on the same wavelength as T and K anymore. Maybe its because he's busier with his junk show, I don't know. I just....don't....know 0
  5. Pezzatron

    Episode 180 — Horses

    Yea, I get that feeling too, and to be honest at this point I wouldn't mind if he left the podcast. He seems so at odds these days with Tig and Kyle's riffing. I went back and listened to the big foot episode featuring Doug Benson and it was like listening to a different person.
  6. Is it bad that everytime I hear her I become more attracted to Tracey? I don't understand whats happening
  7. Pezzatron

    Episode 280 — DuALity

    Jesus Christ Scott, that Squarespace advert made me want to cancel my subscription! To everything ever
  8. Pezzatron

    Episode 148 — Adoption

    Glad to see I'm not the only one with misgivings about the guest. I know its a kind of serious topic but he just seemed to suck all the fun out of the room. Though seeing that his wife passed away makes me empathise, perhaps a comedy podcast isn't the one for him.
  9. Pezzatron

    Episode 278 — Only Tones

    Have a shot everytime James says 'look' before starting a sentence, you'll be dead within minutes - I guarantee it!
  10. Pezzatron

    Episode 93 — Youth

    Kids voice made me want to punch my things. He sounds like a nice kid, but maybe not the best choice for a purely audio entertainment format. Sorry, it just really grated. Great to hear the gang together again though!
  11. Pezzatron

    Episode 196 — A Different Huelliverse

    I found Jeff started off being unfunny and by the end included in being an incredibly annoying improv roadblock to the master adomian. The man is a genius, let him fly! Very touching at the end too!
  12. Pezzatron

    Episode 37 — Sustainability

    This episode was my favourite so far! Steven was a great guest, everyone was on form and the subject matter was fascinating and engaging!! Love Professor B! Will keep recommending to everyone I can! Keep up the good work guys!
  13. Pezzatron

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    Please find a way to get Adam Buxton and or Simon Pegg with Nick Frost! This would make my (happy birth)day, and many more! And if they could appear with James Adomian or Paul F I might actually explode, bang bang style! STEPHEN
  14. Pezzatron

    Episode 108 — Pussy CPR

    @CrustyDustReceptacle, you took the words right out of my mouth. That closely followed by 'Popcorn Dick Casket' ! Adomian is something special!!