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  1. ebok

    Episode 41 — Spider-Man 3

    I think all three are fun to watch, but also very campy, so it's a little bit mind-blowing to me just how much people hate 3 and love 2. I turned off Spiderman 2 the other day because I had put it on looking for a lot of action, but I forgot how much of the first act was (just like 3) just about relationship stuff and Mary Jane becoming an actor and that kind of exciting superhero stuff. The first action sequence with Spiderman is him delivering pizzas, so... yeah. They are all a little bit silly, but that's ok.
  2. I think all the Raimi Spiderman movies are equally enjoyable. Obviously this isn't the popular opinion, but it's just that, opinion.
  3. ebok

    Episode 84 — Podcuddle

    Hmm, I was really expecting him to be wearing a bowling shirt.
  4. The Grahammy goes to Scott and Chelsea for best new song in a podcast The Oscar de la Huerta goes to Jack, for dealing with a win/lose situation The Timmy goes to Tim Allen, for his work on The Shaggy Dog 2: It Wasn't Me The Edie Falco goes to Amadeus, of fucking course
  5. ebok

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    Mr. Maher, is that you?
  6. ebok

    Episode 164 — Clifton Was Here

    "I'm familiar with it from Family Guy." Perfect time for Ben's orchestra to kick in with the wah-wah-waaaah
  7. ebok

    Episode 163 — Burning Love

    I'm loving this audio-sound in my ear hearing-flesh.
  8. ebok

    Episode 79 — Dinosaur Curmudgeon

    I would pay so much to hear Reggie do sound effects for The Artist
  9. ebok

    Episode 161 — Highly Illogical

    All week?!? Never has that phrase been so sexy. So saxy. Soooo seaaaaxxyy.
  10. ebok

    Episode 78 — G the D a C

    Last night I was walking down the street and someone pulled up to a stoplight blasting music. I just heard "so call me maybe, ahnd all the oth-er boys" and then they took off. It was a magical moment.
  11. ebok

    Episode 159 — Apicklelypse

    This is completely unrelated to this show, but I can't wait for Breaking Bad to come back; I need to Bing the season premiere date on Google.
  12. So glad Howie picked to play Manowar - they are a fun band, if cheesier than a cannibalistic Gouda wheel at a Dutch cheese festival.
  13. ebok

    Episode 76 — Summah Preview 2012

    I really hope Mrs. Moody and Howie make it to that movie together
  14. ebok

    Episode 158 — Words with Friends

    A little bit in advance, Scott? Recording this in May 2011 was the correct bit in advance, don't misunderstand my italics.
  15. Hey comedy fans! Hungry for the fourth season of premier podcast 'Comedy Bang-Bang'? How about stopping in for a Fourth Meal at Taco Bell to satiate that hunger? Laugh your way into a new Doritos Locos Taco tonight! This message brought to you by Taco Bell, in association with Earwolf, as directed by Mark Van Driel.