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    Starcrash (1979)

    Me and a group have friends have set this movie as a pinnacle of bad movieness. For the past few years we have gathered semi-regularly for our "Bad Movie Club" and 'Starcrash' has been the worst we have come across. It was so bad that it has become a milestone for us. To be part of the upper tiers of the club you must have watched 'Starcrash'. A brief rundown: The synapses from IMDB: "Epic action in outer space when the good guys set out to track the evil Count's secret weapon." It's an italian made Star Wars ripoff which the distinction of being the first film featuring the acting talent of none other then David Hasselhoff. A quote from one of my friends while we first watched it (yes some of us suffered through it twice) is: "Why is space dracula so fat?!?"