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  1. I just noticed someone uploaded it to YouTube, so without further ado, my favorite R.E.M. cover so far: "Finest Worksong" by Servotron.
  2. Anonymous37

    Next R U Talking Series

    So I thought that I would compile everyone's suggestions into a ranked list so that Scott and Scott could take a look at it and decide what the new series should be. I have ranked them from 1 (best) to 33 (worst): 1. Urinals/Trotsky Icepick 2. Pere Ubu 2½. Rocket from the Tombs 3. Yo La Tengo 4. Steven Soderbergh (movies and TV) And a 29-way tie for last place: 33. Talking Heads 33. The Smiths 33. Steely Dan 33. Pearl Jam 33. The Cars 33. Radiohead 33. Modest Mouse 33. Camper Van Beethoven 33. Guided by Voices 33. The Wu-Tang Clan 33. Elvis Costello 33. Beck 33. Foo Fighters 33. They Might Be Giants 33. Look Who’s Talking (movies) 33. REO Speedwagon 33. John Waite 33. Clocks (as in the timekeeping instruments) 33. UB40 33. George R.R. Martin (books) 33. J.R.R. Tolkein (books) 33. Perfumes worn by cooks (scents) 33. Right Said Fred 33. R2D2 (the Star Wars franchise character) 33. Ticks (as in the arachnids) 33. Nine Inch Nails 33. The Undertones/Protex/Donkey Show/Buster’s All Stars/? 33. Vampire Weekend 33. Coldplay You're welcome.
  3. Anonymous37

    Next R U Talking Series

    Soda and a burger: the works of auteur Steven Soderbergh
  4. Anonymous37

    Deep Dive with Dana Carvey 6

    "I am God, I am in heaven." -- Conan O'Brien, who apparently thinks quite highly of himself, Deep Dive with Dana Carvey, episode 6
  5. Anonymous37

    Episode 584 - Weirdamony Alimony Tony

    "Just really like a ... what do you call that on the--you would know this, you're a painter--when you do the painting that's not a triptych necessarily, but when you're doing a wall and it goes from one color down to a darker color but it blends?" Since the word that Scott Aukerman was looking for wasn't "gradient", is it possible he meant "Ombre"?
  6. Anonymous37

    Next R U Talking Series

    Yo La Tengo. Obviously, Adam and Scott aren't going to do a series on a band they haven't listened to in their formative years, but if either or both of them are Yo La Tengo fans, it'd be a good choice.
  7. Anonymous37

    Next R U Talking Series

    I'm thinking Urinals and Trotsky Icepick. Okay, okay, that's way too obscure. Pere Ubu. They should totally do Pere Ubu.
  8. Anonymous37

    Collabs Into Now

    Rain Phoenix and Michael Stipe on "Happiness", from the movie Happiness https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vip7qNDh1oE
  9. I like R.E.M. for the most part, but I really fucking hate their cover of "Academy Fight Song".
  10. Anonymous37


    So there was a band called Servotron. Its conceit was that the band members dressed up as and pretended to be robots working to overthrow and destroy humanity to usher in a glorious period where robots reigned instead. And they did a great cover of "Finest Worksong". The song was subtly changed to become an anthem of mechanical uprising and throwing off of shackles. Oh man, do I love it. That link is to iTunes (you can also buy it on Amazon Music). It's the best 99 cents you can spend.
  11. Anonymous37

    26 - Murmur

    Okay, so I relistened and they did bring it up in their song-by-song rundown. Never mind.
  12. Anonymous37

    26 - Murmur

    Perhaps I missed it, but I was surprised that the Scotts didn't bring up "Shaking Through", which is, to my mind, the best song on the album and in my personal top ten of all of their songs. Also, I had the opportunity to briefly chat with Mitch Easter on Facebook and wish him a Happy New Year on January 1, 2018. I told him that I had just heard earlier that day and gushed about how awesome it is. And one more bonus Mitch Easter fact: his daughter Tamara Easter makes a cameo appearance in "Steven's Last Night in Town" by Ben Folds Five ("He's charmed everyone here / Except Tamara Easter / Who later revealed to him / Her innermost secrets").
  13. So I had to check Ed Brubaker's wikipedia page just to make sure, but he's actually older than I am, and I read quite a bit of The Phantom in comic book form. The reason for that had to do with the sort of comic books available in India in the early and mid-1980's. I'm sure that things are different now. But the sort of comics that were around at that time were -- in addition to the Amar Chitra Katha books, of course -- Tintin, Asterix and Obelix, and the King Features heroes such as Mandrake the Magician and, yes, The Phantom. The Marvel and DC heroes didn't have as much mindshare back then, even for middle-to-upper class English-speaking Indians. There are a whole lot of things that are problematic about those books and their treatment of non-whites, and Paul, Jason, Eliza and Ed get to that in the episode. But kids want to read comics, and watch and listen to heroes, no matter how offensive they can be to their own ethnic and racial groups. It's my guess that you'll find a lot of people my age who grew up in parts of South America, Africa, and Asia who gave a shit about The Phantom and older pulp heroes. P.S. -- I didn't watch the movie, but one of the things I enjoyed about The Phantom in the old comic strips and books was that he would go into bars and order milk, then inevitably get into fights over it. I hope they at least had a scene like that, just as a sop to fans of The Phantom. But I'm not going to actually sit through the entire thing just to find out. (Edit: changed "he's actually younger than I am" to the correct "he's actually older than I am".)
  14. Anonymous37

    Episode 297.5 - Sklarbro County 203

    So where can I get my hands on the specific remix of "Public Enemy Number One" that the Sklar brothers play at the start of the show?