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  1. Why do these guys know so much about basketball? Is basketball movies?
  2. Ferrets are a creepy person pet. A long time ago when I was still living at home in Florida with my mom and sister a bad hurricane came up the coast and we had to evacuate. At the time my mom was dating a creepy guy who lived further inland than we did and he offered us shelter until the storm passed. I didn't know much about the guy but it turns out that he was some sort of survivalist. His house was dark and full of guns and piles of military/hunting gear. It smelled strange and he had 2 or 3 ferrets running around. He set up cots in a couple of rooms for us to sleep on and since he didn't seem to own a TV he offered to let me goof about on his computer. He had some old games on there and internet so I sat down at the computer, thanked him and he left the room and went to bed. Anyways to wrap this long-ass story up I found a folder on his computer with tons of bestiality & older woman bondage/rape photos. I wanted to get out of the house right away but I just shut the computer off and lay on my cot wide awake and nauseous until morning. I never told my mom about creepy ferret man's proclivities, but I did tell her that I thought he was weird and gross and warned her away from him. FERRETS.
  3. This might be the worst Sci-Fi movie ever made. Low budget, bad acting, bad writing, horrible direction, crummy lighting, awful sound effects. But none of that is what makes this movie The Worst Ever. The thing that makes this particular piece of junk remarkable was the filmmakers decision to use a child suffering from Progeria as the alien character. For those of you not familiar Progeria is a disease that causes children to age prematurely, giving them a somewhat startling appearance. Most sufferers do not live to see their twentys. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Progeria The only thing I can think of as to why they chose to do this is that it was a "Make-A-Wish" type thing and the kid wanted to be in the movie. Also Jack Elam is in the movie and he is pretty weird looking and has a beard.