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  1. Great first episode! While I felt there were some rough edges and maybe some of the comedy was too youth-oriented for my 44 year-old sensibilities, I really enjoyed it more than the first few minutes led me to expect. Josh was particularly hilarious - his interjection when one of the ladies said "I'll leave this to smarter people than myself," totally cracked me up. I'm not familiar with the host but I really enjoyed her contributions as well and she did a great job moderating, not being afraid to take control of the conversation to keep it on track (or get her word in) but still giving plenty of time to the guests so they can talk. The best/worst/fantasy idea was pretty fun too. As a fan of the Trumpcast and FiveThirtyEight elections, this is a much funnier way to hear some interesting takes on the politics of today.
  2. I love that you had the Milkman actually go out and ask about any hidden cakes or whatever. Classic Besser. Congrats on 200, I'm absolutely on board for the next 800, assuming there are several cupcake baskets and/or celebratory banners along the way.
  3. Pineapples are slang for weed on Reddit. Which makes it seem ubiquitous to me, as a redditor, but it's still obscure enough it feels like a secret code.
  4. pdxsean

    EPISODE 217 β€” Goodbye

    It was a great run for Tiny Calves, Beach Poop, and the Wig. I'm glad David and Tig have come to be so successful, and that Tig has overcome such tragedy. I'll miss Kyle most of all tho, he's so zany and goofy and doesn't seem to have the success he deserves. Hopefully a podcast is in store for him! Also loved the professor dying. Fit in perfectly with the post-Aaron feel of the Professor's transmissions.
  5. The titular scene definitely deserves to be in any upcoming best-of episodes. It's a rare scene that is self-contained, approachable, and relatively short. And of course hilarious!
  6. Scott: Which one died? Harris: The blow job one. Everyone: Gasps Harris: Not during! RIP
  7. Matt's "topical humor" line in the dentist skit caught me completely off guard and my subsequent laughter scared the crap out of a few people walking near me on the sidewalk. Plus it's always great to hear Matt's "distant yelling guy" character who popped up hilariously in the Survivor skit.
  8. This episode was amazing. Every scene belongs in a best-of episode, but the problem is the entire episode was like one extended scene so it'd be impossible to convey in a clip. Also enjoyed more of the milk-based conversation at the top, it's one of my favorite i4h "bits."
  9. pdxsean

    Episode BO2014.2 β€” Best of 2014 Pt 2

    I've heard Scott talk about how creepy and gross Steely Dan is in the past, and I thought it was kind of a bit. But after hearing the analysis of Hey Nineteen, I thought I was listening to an episode of U Talkin' U2 To Me because of the detailed thought process behind the music. Does Scott not understand that the lyrics of Steely Dan are typically ironic? Hey Nineteen derides the coke-snorting tequila-swilling tactics of men who sleep with teenagers with whom they cannot connect. Certainly, as famous musicians, they had roadies and such round up teenaged strangers for heroin-fueled sex parties, but I cannot stand by and hear the greatest lyricists of our time belittled in such a way. Most of their songs are depressing and dark, but presented in a happy pop sort of way. 'Charlie Freak', an uptempo song about a man selling his prized ring in order to buy more heroin, and subsequently overdose, is a great example of this. 'Glamour Profession' is another peppy song about a successful drug importer in the seventies. So yeah, there's a through line of drugs and depravity but it's all an ironic reflection of our superficial consumer society. I'd think the creator of CBB would appreciate the fun of this band. Although I have to agree that winning a grammy for Two Against Nature was a joke, it was easily the least of their albums.
  10. Great to hear Eric again, I was excited to see him in the title and his awkwardness delivered. On the subject of splitting up the podcast/voting - I agree with Matt's position. It's his show, he's Master Blaster, the show was remodeled to move Case Closed to the end with a warning. I'd like to add Case Closed is my favorite segment, I really enjoy hearing Matt argue and get worked up, even if things tend to be one-sided. That being said, if Matt is hearing a lot of complaints outside of what we see here - personal emails and itunes subscription data and such - then maybe breaking it off into its own podcast might not be a bad idea. I can see a lot of benefits, assuming that Matt is interested in putting in the additional work. If you're looking at a weekly show, then you're looking at weekly subjects, debaters, etc. but a seperate show will evolve and grow its own way and would be really interesting. I'd love to hear more, and would be excited to have a weekly Case Closed episode. However, if the complaints are only what we're seeing here on the Earwolf forums (and, to a lesser extent, on /r/earwolf) then I think the current format is fine. Especially if Matt isn't looking at doing more Case Closed, just moving the current monthly-ish segment into a seperate podcast. With music I would say the same thing on all counts, other than that it's my favorite. I do enjoy it, but wouldn't mind if it never returned. I don't see enough complaints to really be concerned, but I don't have Matt's info. If Matt wants to do a music podcast, that would be interesting for sure, but also a lot more work. Maybe spreading the Thanks Mississippi thing to something just mocking local government in general? Here in Oregon we have some pretty crazy local government stories, although I don't think anyone would place my state on any worst-of list. Anyway it would get the same point across - what is wrong with our society? - without having a regional shaming aspect. Best podcast in the universe, Matt!
  11. What a line-up! As always I4H is kicking it out of the park. I guess the Game of Thrones skit would be my "best of" clip from this episode but there was a ton to choose from.
  12. Bruuntwattere has 0 google results. Bob, you've got the hometown SEO cornered!
  13. Matt's impatient southern Siri was hilarious. Another great episode all around! Also nice job, Matt, on the latest episode of Getting Doug with High! You killed it there, as usual.
  14. pdxsean

    The Wahlberg Solution LIVE

    This was great. I love DVK when he's on Doug Loves Movies, I'm glad to hear his own little podcast here under the SC banner. I hope Earwolf picks it up and makes it a regular thing, or at least a mini-series. PS: As a long-term improv4humans fan, posting my first ever Sklarbro Country comment to talk about a different podcast just feels inherently wrong.
  15. pdxsean

    Episode 306 β€” Project Funway

    Loved the casual and goofy feel of this episode. Everyone was just being ridiculous and not really holding back on their jokes, no matter how potentially lame. Jay Leno always made me laugh whenever he'd reappear. Thanks for another great b-b-b-bonus-s-s-s ep!