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  1. I nominate this episode for any and every existing podcast award.
  2. THAT was just silly. My guts hurt from laughing. True story. On a serious note, you may need to have an Instrument Healer take a look at your guitar, Bob. A similar thing happened to me, and it turns out that my Fender Jazz Bass was inhabited by the malevolent spirit of Dewey Gumdrop - a previous owner of the instrument who was a late-comer to the chitlin circuit in Memphis. In life, he was not a happy man. In death, as you can imagine, he had even more emotional walls built up, and could NOT be reasoned with. Long story short, it took a good-sized Exorcising Crystal, duct-taped to the headstock of the bass, to drive Mr Gumdrop's spirit out. I hope that you'll look into this, once your wounds heal.
  3. You can't have enough velcro soap. The last time I ran out, I had to special order more. Needless to say, it was a difficult seven to ten days waiting for my order to arrive.
  4. This unfortunate event left me asking the eternal question, "Why, Y? Why?"
  5. Seth is just fucking amazing. Seriously - Bob Ducca is one of the best characters in comedy... ever. Miles above any of the broad recurring characters of SNL, and anywhere else. I listen to these episodes over and over - like we used to do with our George Carlin & Richard Pryor records way back when. Bob is the perfect mix of simple silly gags, intelligent satire, and subtle insights into his personality that hasn't been done this well since Monty Python & Mr. Show. I believe I'm done gushing now. I'm off to align my chakras.