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    Please drop everything and watch this movie. It starts out so promising with an interesting haunting story, and quickly turns bat shit crazy. Highlights; Ghosts that aren't CGI, yet still look terrible. Medium that speaks to ghosts via a gas mask. Mormon bicycle evangelist that handle a/v for paranormal investigations. Grandmother who knows probably what is going on, but doesn't let on. Bizarre reason for why everything is happening. Amazing evidence of an after life that no one seems concerned about at all afterward. Murder of an old woman. Weird red faced child/demon creature. I can even pin point for you when it all starts going insane. Wait for the moment you first hear, Tiptoe through the Tulips by Tiny Tim. I can't even explain this strongly enough...it's so bad.

    Episode 89 — Bacarri Breezer

    I went and bought the SXSW episode, so that means that 100% of the people who have commented on here have bought it so far....so that's kind of what you wanted right? By the way, I love the chairs on the stage, they look like the chairs from my high school cafeteria. But...no one has thrown them at anyone yet, so maybe not.

    Episode 89 — Bacarri Breezer

    Where are the comments on this? Lazy bastards. Two high points so far; The teenager who talked about SC upping his pu$$y numbers....classic. And then the Liza stories were oustanding, 'Liza with a Z! BA-DA-DA-DA!!!. Wonderful.

    Episode 88 — Hurdler Backpack

    I think the best part was how excited he was to be asked about his late night sweet tooth go to in New York. 'That is a great question!'.

    Episode 83 — Living On A Edge

    Here is one just for CEO Jeff. Sorry, we were all busy grabbing piggy back rides.

    Episode 43 — Taste


    Episode 37 — Sustainability

    I have to know what lyric you said when you should have said, "take a ride on a flying spoon" because I couldn't catch what either of you said!

    Episode 75 — New Year\'s Extravaganza

    Hey Tiger...what's golf? Line of the year!

    Episode 75 — New Year\'s Extravaganza

    Did anyone else see the pictures for this week's episode with Matt and Jonah in the background. Freaking priceless.

    Episode 35 — Oceans

    Did we ever actually hear any answers or discussion about oceans? That's nuts.

    Episode 33 — Competition

    When the WII came out, the first game I bought on their online store was ExciteBike.

    Episode 72 — That\'s So Selleck!

    Wow! I had no idea Steve had all these stories and his New York experience is amazing. Just a great episode and I love seeing the departure from the norm.

    Episode 134 — Bride of Chucky

    Kevin's telling his SNL story like that had me in tears at the start of this. I've heard him tell that story so many times just hearing it broken in like that was perfect. Great episode.

    Episode 69 — Yankovic Cove

    At the start of the episode it sounds like someone is shouting in the next studio. On PROFESSOR BLASTOFF we learned that something like that happened to them and it was PFT. If it was PFT, please tell me that Al got up and went over and screamed at him to stop being so loud and the circle of life is complete!

    Episode 42 — How Did This Get Made?

    That was an amazing episode. I had no idea just how journalistic Paul is, at times I thought he was handling the interview. In terms of selling advertisers on podcasts, I think you need to send them this episode. The points made on audience participation were perfect. I have never gone to a comedy show or bought a CD until after EARWOLF. I have never seen an episode of The League, until HDTGM. I also used Legal Zoom after SklarBro Country started having them as a sponsor, watched Bridesmaids after I heard CBB talk about it and watched almost every comedy central special ever mentioned through here. I plan on seeing the All's Fair movie when it comes out, just because they advertised here. I haven't bought any electronic dildos yet from ADAM AND EVE....but the holidays are just around the corner.

    Episode 2 — Masquerade

    Holy crap on a cross! I can't believe Earwolf keeps doing stuff like this. You guys are freaking amazing!

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    the best part of the commercial was how Kulap just suddenly ends it. For the first time I went to the Adam and Eve website and actually took a look at their products. I'm sure my wife will be thrilled.

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    The opening ad for Adam and Eve is maybe the best radio commercial in the history of radio. 'Bulk...birth control'. Jesus!

    Episode 29 — Atheism

    Gay greeter in heaven was terrific and yes, I loved trying to figure out who PFT was doing. I think releasing him in that order so we weren't shocked by the distracted was the right thing to do. I like the earlier suggestion of a show about skeptics. Yet again, week after week, this is the best podcast there is. It is so hard to explain to other people, but there is something just really special about the dynamic between Tig, David and Kyle. Well done yet again!

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    What show is it on Earwolf that has the history of talking about people and then them passing away right afterward? Weird timing on the Heavy D thing. Great episode though!

    Episode 26 — Love

    What an amazing episode! The truly emotional look at Tig's loss was really touching. Way to go guys.

    Episode 64 — Grapes Vs. Grapefruit

    I just started listening and the dwarfs/ wharfs conversation just brought me to tears.

    Listening Party in Denver

    I was recently listening to an old appearance of the guys on a different podcast ( I don't remember which) and they mentioned how one of their visions was having listeners get together for a party to hear the newest episode. Well I'm down with that. Anyone in Denver down for doing a Sklarbro Party? I can set it all up in the downtown area at a local bar if people are into it. Let me know on here!

    Episode 23 — Weapons

    I have to know what Tig and Kyle were laughing at. Pretty confusing episode, God I hate being so stupid.

    Episode 17 — Boat Queen Week 5 of 6

    We can only hope the island isn't filled with smoke monsters and dead end plot ideas.