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    Audio Questions

    I love Soundtrack Pro. Although I don't have a podcast, we use it for recording and editing voice overs for animation. I never really was able to rock Pro Tools either. Our Setup is: Macbook Pro Mbox Studio Projects B1 for vocal recording Audio-Technica AT8035 Shotgun for instruments and onsite recording It's a pretty basic setup with the one exception being the cardboard box lined with foam. The mic goes inside, you can record with little to no room noise.
  2. Jerm

    Southland Tales (2006)

    Jesus, this immediately reminded me of one the worst movies in the try-too-hard category, The Box. Richard Kelly is the master of garbage.
  3. Jerm

    Comic Books

    Just re-read Hard Boiled. Great art, insane story. Great old school Dark Horse book.
  4. Jerm

    Devil (2010)

    I made my roommate and girlfriend watch this while we were drinking. They wouldn't let me pick a movie for a month as punishment.
  5. Jerm


    It really is awesomely awful. It's on Netflix Instant. I think it was the beginning of Chuck's arthritic karate style.
  6. Jerm


    Supernatural Karate Cop Thriller! http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0107101/