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  1. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 45 — Secrets That Created the World

    Great episode! Interestingly, the silliness of spy secrets and spy fiction was sort of satirized in the Prisoner (a fantastic show), particularly in the episode "Hammer Into Anvil" in which the protagonist drives the villain mad by simply fucking around and letting the villain assume that it is a part of an indecipherable larger plan.
  2. Johnny Unusual

    Summah Songs

    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jIDT3mm0PH0 Can't seen to turn it into a make this work. Sorry.
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Summah Songs

    May I? Oops.
  4. Johnny Unusual


    I'm surprised no one mentioned this yet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MUrjBBd-M00#t=52
  5. Johnny Unusual

    When is Affirmation Nation coming back?

    Fingers tightly crossed!
  6. Johnny Unusual

    Maximum Overdrive

    Sorry, but Yeardley Smith is LISA Simpson. Other than that, yeah, please do this crazy movie.
  7. Holy crap, I love that picture!
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Laser Mission (1989)

    If they do this one, they should have one of the rifftrax guys on,,,
  9. Johnny Unusual

    If Looks Could Kill (1991)

    This does look bad. I remember seeing this as one of films on HBO but never watched it. I assumed based on the write up that it was some subpar thriller. But this looks BIZARRE!
  10. Johnny Unusual

    Space Buddies

    I think that the direct-to-video buddies movies aren't worth doing. Unless there are extenuating circumstances, the HDTGM guys won't be doing much in the way of Direct-To-Video.
  11. Johnny Unusual

    The Craft (1996)

    Here's the trailer. I would like Mike Nelson for this one, who wrote a great review of it for Movie Megacheese.
  12. Johnny Unusual

    Too Long To Be Plugs Theme

    Hard to blame you. I think it could still make it on through all it's other merits, though.
  13. Johnny Unusual

    Plugicity of our city

  14. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 21 — Parallel Thinking

    I'm surprised no one mentioned the Harry Potter character from the film Troll. The hero is a boy named Harry Potter who discovers his aunt is a witch and must learn magic to stop a troll. It's one of the looser ones (it's really just the name and the magic), but it is also one of the more prominent ones. Also, it is an odd movie:
  15. Johnny Unusual

    My Plug is Nothing to Me Without Love

    I bet that song will really open... Doors? Good luck!
  16. Johnny Unusual

    Emotionally Heavy Plugs

    Short, Simple, Somewhat David Bowie-esque! I approve.
  17. Where does he get those wonderful jokes?
  18. Created by David Gary David Goldberg
  19. Johnny Unusual

    Too Long To Be Plugs Theme

    Though too long, it is quite good.
  20. Johnny Unusual

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    Close your eyes and it's like Jamie Gumb's been working out.
  21. Johnny Unusual

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    This is an ACTUAL commercial that played during the Superbowl in Georgia.
  22. Johnny Unusual

    Why hasn't Aziz Ansari been a guest on the podcast yet?

    Paul said they were trying to work it out, but that there hasn't been an opportunity that suits everyone yet. Aziz is very busy these days.
  23. Johnny Unusual

    No Holds Barred (1989)

    Recently (the last mini-episode, I believe) Paul said they were going to get around to it some day. So good!
  24. Johnny Unusual

    What's Up Hotdog Memorial Plugs

    A good plugs song but I am positive it has been played before.
  25. Johnny Unusual

    Aaron FREAKING Singer - Oh Lorhdy Mah PLugz

    Nice one. I hope that this isn't your only unfinished business on Earth so you can make more plugs tunes.