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  1. Johnny Unusual

    Barbarella (1968)

    I love this movie. Lots. But it's silly as all get out. This belongs in the Roadhouse and Crank world of wonderfully ridiculous movie. Please, please give this one a view. It will be great after watching a particularly bad movie.
  2. Johnny Unusual

    The Box (2009)

    With Richard Matheson's recent passing, this might be a good time to remember that The Box exists, which even the positive reviews say makes little sense logically and is just flat out bizarre. But mostly, it's considered a non-good movie. It is also probably easier to watch than Richard Kelly's magnum opus Southland Tales. Kelly basically took a very simple story that Matheson wrote and made it a bizarre mess.
  3. Johnny Unusual

    Pieces (1982)

    Guys! Guys! You guys! I just watched this and it is amazing. I haven't been on these boards in a long time, but once I saw this movie... OK, here's a review I wrote in another forum. I feel like Eli Roth somehow willed this movie into existence. This is a wonderfully bad exploitation slasher flick. I mean, super bad and super great because of it. The film is largely dubbed despite the cast of English speakers (mostly, I think), which looks really weird. I mean, some times it dubbing but matches perfectly with the lip sync and sometimes it's clearly off. The film has some red herrings, the biggest and most wonderful being Willard, the caretaker, who does all he can to be weird and suspicious. Also, there's the bad acting, the clearly unhealthy view of women (most of them feel like they are around to be gawked at, screwed or slaughtered and that includes the "strong" female lead) and just the weirdness of the whole thing. The three best scenes: 1. The strong female undercover cop is stalking around the university campus where people are getting killed. You think she might run into the killer. Then this happens. I should also tell you, this scene makes LESS SENSE IN CONTEXT! 2. The ending. It won't be a spoiler to tell you the killer's end game was to use the pieces of women he collected to make some kind of doll. He's not Frankenstein or anything, he's just sowing body parts together. After our heroes kill the villain, they decide to leave the room with the mosaic corpse in it. Then the corpse just ups and claws his groin bloody while the lead character makes a stupid face. The end. 3. This. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0nQKhdxhQMI This movie is a bad movie delight. I'm sure they've already selected and watched their Halloween movie but maybe for next year... PLEASE DO PIECES!
  4. This is mostly going to be movies from my youth. #5. Basically almost any Friday the 13, particularly between 4-X (Part VIII has the best trailer.) #4. Superman IV: The Quest for Peace - This aired on TV way too often. #3. Caddyshack 2 - With Mannequin 2 done, this other recurring favourite from my childhood needs to get done. #2. The Ewok Adventure: Caravan of Courage - I loved this movie as a kid. Please do it (and the Battle for Endor, which has Wilford Brimley). #1. The Peanut Butter Solution - A kid goes into a ghost house, ghosts scare the hair off him, the ghosts tell him a secret hair growth formula, the hair won't stop growing... and then things get crazy.
  5. Johnny Unusual

    Ed (1996)

    This might be apocrypha, but I remember hearing Lisa Kudrow sneaked out during the premiere. Oh, that is a hideous fucking chimp effect.
  6. Johnny Unusual

    Manos: The Hands of Fate (1966)

    If they do this one, it feels like THIS is the episode to do with some MST3k alums like Joel, Mike, Kevin, Frank, Mary Jo (apparently the first episode she worked on and it immediately made her consider she made a big mistake) or Trace.
  7. OMISSION In case no one brought this up: I was curious about the name of the country/state/city/whatever Hauptmann-Koenig, as something about it seemed like an in-joke. I looked it up and the best I could do was find a reference to a character with that name in a passage of a book called Voices of the Wind by Evelyn Anthony, which was set in WWII (Koenig is an SS officer who is caught philandering and demoted in rank) and published in 1985, meaning that the screenwriter may have read it before writing the film. Does anyone else have any other theories? Also, in the scene in which Jessie is watching the tapes, she says "Look, your mother gave me all these people's lives." That's super creepy, but even more if she is being literal. Remember, she also refers to his story ID as a "magic card". Also, remember her reaction to seeing herself on film? Absolute terror. She things these people are taking the souls of people and putting them in the box. But she doesn't mind it happening to other people, apparently. That's Count Terry Kiser level of creepy.
  8. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 139.5 - Minisode 139.5

    I am really looking forward to watching this one. Mannequin 2 and Caddyshack 2 played over and over on MITV (Maritime Television, now Global TV) so being a kid with no taste, I watched both many times. This is the first one in a while where I need to watch the movie and comment on these boards. Looking forward to the nostalgia rush.
  9. Johnny Unusual

    What guest do you want to see?

    You do you think would make for a great guest on Comedy Bang Bang? Personally, I'd love Bruce McCulloch to show up sometime.
  10. Johnny Unusual

    The Fantastic Four (1994)

    Well, hold on. Not all of the filmmakers knew that... the actors still totally believed in the film. There's a preview for the documentary about it where they talk about how they don't appreciate it being viewed as a punchline. Which is kind of sad.
  11. Johnny Unusual

    The Flintstones (1994)

    This might add something to an episode about the first one. It would be great to get one of those writers on the show, too. http://www.avclub.com/article/read-why-35-screenwriters-worked-flintstones-movie-223656
  12. Johnny Unusual

    The Octagon (1980)

    Yeah, me and a friend watched this on late night TV a few years back. I remember it being a fun, dumb movie.
  13. Johnny Unusual

    The Fantastic Four (1994)

    And now it's on Daily Motion: http://www.avclub.com/article/1994-unreleased-fantastic-four-movie-streaming-onl-223663 Guest suggestions: Mitch Hurwitz, Ron Funches, and Acker &/or Blacker.
  14. Johnny Unusual

    EPISODE 127 — The Magic Word is Bitchass

    Looking forward to that carpet getting a lot more use. I've never played Advanced D & D (just 3rd and 4th edition) so is that a AD&D tool or did Blaine bring in one from another version and made adjustments (or made it up wholecloth). I'm liking this game alright, but I miss our characters getting a chance to interact with other characters who aren't dicks.
  15. Johnny Unusual

    The Wizard (1989)

    Just bringing this up again, because I would love to see it. I still maintain the Brothers Chaps would make for great guests (and Matt's worked with Paul before) but the Indoor Kids would also be great. Please let's see this one happen.
  16. Johnny Unusual

    Thank you Dan & Steve!

    I am so glad to see these guys come in. I just with Rick could come in. Not to replace anyone, but I would love it to be a six host show again and Rick did a great job. Good luck to SARC, Sarah and Gerry and while I'm glad you guys are busy with your projects, I hope to see you all again soon.
  17. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 111 — Fudge Son

    With Battle Beast, I think you needed to shine a light in their backs to see their element, right? Also, am I the only one who remembers Z-Bots? They aren't the most amazing, but for whatever reason, me and a friend really got into them.
  18. Johnny Unusual

    Top picks for guest

    I'd love to see Matt Chapman (co-creator and voices for Homestar Runner, writer of Gravity Falls, Wander Over Yonder, The Aquabats Supershow) to either discuss an extremely 80's movie (Jaws 3-D, The Garbage Pail Kids, Megaforce) or perhaps the infamously bad movie for tiny kids Oogieloves and the Big Balloon Adventure. I know movies for the tiniest of children doesn't seem like a worthy target but it has such a bizarrely cynical backstory and Matt has a history with shows for young kids (working on the critically acclaimed Yo! Gabba! Gabba!)
  19. Johnny Unusual

    Christmas suggestions

    I know that HDTGM usually doesn't cover older movies, but I would like to see them cover the Mexican film Santa Claus from 1959. It's an insanely weird movie but as bad as it is, it is less painful to watch than Santa Claus Conquers the Martians. For the most part. But I think this year might be good since Rifftrax is doing a new riff for it and I know that Paul has mentioned the possibility of getting Mike, Kevin or Bill on some episode (of course, he mentioned it a long time ago, if I remember). Also, Santa Claus: the Movie (people aren't talking about this one enough).
  20. Johnny Unusual

    "Engineer Cody" moniker

    Actually, I think you are supposed to say, "Oh, I'm just an engineer. Superman is the real hero. I can't believe I missed him again." <wink to readers>
  21. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 14 — Who's Your Gateway Guest?

    I think that's when you get a reply from the Weaponeers of Qward from the Anti-Matter Universe.
  22. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 201 — New Beginnings

    You realize that this means that this is going to be moved out of "Earwolf Classic" quite soon. Though it is still classic.
  23. Johnny Unusual

    Episode 201 — New Beginnings

  24. Johnny Unusual

    Your characters!

    I've only played two campaigns, one as a monk who eventually became a drunken master, yet was somehow still a bit dull. The next one was a conscious effort of cross-class and I created a Bardbarian named Harrison Vicious (after George Harrison and Sid Vicious). It's actually a potent combo, to sing you and your gang strength then wail on the enemy. My DM eventually was cool enough to give me a guitar-axe (which was red, so I called it the Cherry Axe). I also slowly turned into a demon after failing a saving throw and actually became super-bad-ass, at the expense that I always had a taint of evil and occasionally had to make throws not to drink my friends' blood.
  25. Actually, that would be good. There's the microfractures that Muay Thai fighters make on their shins that make them ridiculously strong (to the point where they can break baseball bats with their shins) and there's that one guy who, after an insane accident, made a career as "the human owl" and could turn his head 180 degrees. And John Travolta in Phenomenon. That was real, right?