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  1. Yeah, I think it's pretty fantastic. It's nice to get a smart sci-fi movie that doesn't have to be couched in action or horror and just about it's effect on humanity. There's a slight thriller element, but it's really more of a drama and a well done one at that.

  2. I am kind of morbidly curious about the movie. I don't know if it is HDTGM material or not, but it's hard not to be fascinated by a movie that is based around product placement. That said, there's potential humour in a story about dinosaurs trying to catch up with modern day stuff, but the movie looks abyssmal. Also, if you are going to tell that story, maybe you shouldn't have actors who, despite not being young, are too young to be guys who DON'T KNOW WHAT THE INTERNET IS! If the movie seemed weirder about it and less generic, that would be one thing, but it's genericness makes the whole thing seem wrong-headed.

  3. I remember hearing about how bad this movie was, but the question is this: is it ENTERTAININGLY bad. Has anyone scene this to say what would make it fun to talk about. Oh, and Kingsley doesn't surprise me, Basically, he approaches acting like a job and despite his great skill and Sir Title, he'll star in just about anything if you can pay his fee. Michael Caine sort of works the same way. Got to respect that really: bring the best you can to any project... even if it is garbage.


  4. That wasn't really the point of the joke, though. The point of the joke is the idea of some asshole calling celebrities dicks and assholes and directing at someone who in no way deserves it. They didn't call her an asshole because she is black or that they believed she was a cunt, they tweeted that because she's a sweet talented girl in a world where everyone is scrutinized and judged. If it was anyone else, the joke doesn't really work, it's just ugly and what a lot of live-tweeters do. But the point is offhandedly saying something completely ugly about celebrity is pretty par for the course for a lot of live-tweeters and there's humour in showing just how ugly that is by directing it at someone no right thinking person would EVER say that about: a sweet little 6 year old who did a fantastic job acting in a movie.


    EDIT: Also the Onion AV Club which reviews movies is a largely different entity than the Onion itself

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  5. Yeah, I like Clue, though it has flaws, but the tone is quite consisent: an old fashioned murder story with humour. It doesn't shift WILDLY and I would hardly call the off screen murders brutal by any stretch.

  6. Yeah, I think you really need a movie to be a special kind of movie to be a HDTGM. There are some movies that some people might feel very strongly about hating and might have genuine complaints, but you need to keep in mind that if your opinion is in the minority, it might not be the best choice. That's not to say you can't go against the grain on some things, but it really needs to have a very special collection of elements beyond being just bad. After all, there are plenty of just bad movies that really wouldn't work for the show.

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