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    Episode 24 — Japs?

    In the UK we (sometimes) refer to people from that part of Asia as Oriental and have the term Asian for people from the Indian sub-continent and it's rarely used as a slur. "Asian" for both seemed a little odd as it's such a giant land mass and encompassing the Chinese & co, Indians & co and quite a bit of Russia. But - as always - if people want to be called x, y or z it's not my business to complain and when I'm in the US I make a conscious effort to switch (and here I make the effort to be more specific - Chinese, Korean, Laotian etc). (In the same way "fag" means a cigarette here and is used all the time but I would never use it to refer to homosexual gentleman). It's complicated ... but then again it's not *that* complicated and I've managed to not offend people most of the times I speak.
  2. showandprove

    "Godfather of Podcasting"

    Get Gervais on. Also if you can use Skype try and get UK comedian Richard Herring on. He's very funny, but more importantly a true pioneer in terms of podcasting here, and has 4 different podcast out - all with different formats and aims. And whilst we're dreaming ... it would be nice for Cyber Thug Radio to make a return. Or at least for Jerry to pop into the studio from time to time.
  3. showandprove

    Episode 27 — Why is Jeff Still Home?

    I'd like to hear a short chat about the difficulties of putting Eardrop together.
  4. showandprove

    Feedback for Brett Hammell

    Hey Brett - sad to see you're out of the show - I was most impressed by your submission on Episode One of the EC as I produce some sketches for my podcast, love writing and know exactly how long editing/production takes. I aslo appreciate that's it's just you - pretty much any show can be funny if they just sit around chatting/have PFT on as a guest as PFT is amazing. However, in terms of feedback ... I've not laughed much at your submissions since the intro, which is a shame as I've really been routing for Hamm radio more than most other shows (it's pretty unique). Your intro submission was way too long and over-egged the pudding in my mind (as Jason (?) Sklar said you could just have done What, Who, When and stopped there... and then it would have been fantastic). As for the hack comedy sketch ... I loved writing and listening to layered complicated meta-comedy (I'd seriously recommend you take a look at some of the work of Stewart Lee) but there wasn't a punch to it - even when the reveal came I wasn't blow away with your premise (and I understood it totally). That's the good thing about say ... Stewart Lee, is that he will maybe lose you deliberately for a long time, leaving you confused and a little alienated and when his point "hits" it's an incredible feeling (most times). So I'd echo some of the comments above about structure ... and maybe about "pushing the envelope" a little more with your points that you are making - and I don't mean that in a "jokes about dead babies" way. More in a challenging the audiences conceptions way - if you boil your premise down and strip away the layers does it still have any impact? "Making fun of hack comedians is hack" doesn't really engage me as a statement. In terms of the loose drifiting in and out format have you heard BlueJam by Chris Morris? Really worth a listen. I didn't think the film trailer was all that bad but I also didn't laugh - whilst I did at some of the others - so it could have been a punchier script maybe with a few more clear jokes that didn't rely so much on the simple fact that it was a movie parody (this may sound a little vague ... I think a lot of the comic value I took away from that sketch was routed in it being a trailer about a silly movie and beyond that quite good joke there wasn't much more there for me to engage in). Anyway just throwing some thoughts around - I'll add your podcast to my download queue as I'm impressed (jealous!) with what you've done so far.
  5. showandprove

    Episode 3.2 — Concept & Content: Day 2

    Really enjoyed this episode and the criticism. Was a bit disappointed in the Fort's submission - the production quality was excellent but the writing seemed way below that. I enjoyed the production on Hamm Radio - and I love comedy that criticises comedy - but did find the nesting structure a little odd (but I'm not familiar with the conceit I guess - I don't hear that many hacks, complaining about hacks in that manner but I am in different country). While I enjoyed the Totally Lame submission I do find it a bit odd (although at the same time refreshingly honest I guess) how all the judging so far veers into discussions of gender. It's a fun show, with lots to think about in general.
  6. showandprove

    Episode 114 — Hats Off to Caruso

    Attack the Block is amazing and I really feel for Joe plugging away for his tiny little movie - you can hear some of the exhaustion in voice. As many have said his Xfm and 6music podcasts are some of the best we have in the UK and since the Adam & Joe show, he and Adam have really paved the way for the DIY comedy scene here. Much as I love the style of two guys just chatting, they really threw a lot of their creativity into their shows and it's a very rewarding listen.
  7. showandprove

    Episode 27 — Why is Jeff Still Home?

    30 minute solo musings are fine and pretty insightful so I don't mind a few more shows of this nature while you transition - and even after.
  8. showandprove

    Episode 85 — July 6, 2011

    On hiatus?
  9. showandprove

    Episode 89 — Great Big Hill of Hope

    I listened to this riding through the dark streets of London and almost fell off my bike laughing at "Table|".
  10. showandprove

    Earwolf without ED

    I'm going to listen to Droppin' Wallets and think of him fondly.
  11. showandprove

    Scott (Don't worry it won't be funny)

    Here here! Sounds great. I don't think I've heard them talk together and Scott's perspective on how he picks shows etc would be pretty interesting to hear from a creative side.