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  1. I am sincerely disappointed to hear that Besser is a Clinton supporter. It makes me feel differently about him, where he's coming from, etc. I've loved Besser since the 90s,, he always struck me as more punk/anti-establishment than his peers, for whatever reason; I'm sad to see him unironically supporting our Royal Family,, someone who literally vacations with war criminals (Kissinger...) Re: poster Erick, he looks pretty young; he'll grow out of the Libertarian fantasy phase like all white teenage boys do
  2. Ah yes, the intellectual luminary who brought us quotes like "dudes are funnier than chicks". I hear he has a rad "business strategy" though
  3. ragnar

    EPISODE 68 — Why Documentaries Lie

    ....the main thing I'm left wondering after listening to this episode is: did Jason Pargin/"David Wong" actually "vote for Bush twice", or was that entirely a joke??
  4. i feel Besser's pain, but i also feel like this is...business as usual? aside from the fact that money spent on packaged music is rapidly shrinking, the genuinely thoughtful 'good stuff' is under the radar and always has been! ("how do you make money on music these days" Besser asked. i'm in a band that opens for lots of people who do make a living off music, and the answer is: live shows. when you hit a certain level you can get quite reasonable cash guarantees from venues and promoters....) i think the 'best', most thoughtful, life-changing, whatever stuff (music, movies, books, comedy, anything) does not and *can not* enter the general mass consciousness. that stuff only floats into the mainstream slowly, reappropriated piece by piece after its already stale to the real artistic vanguard. i think a lot of people expected the internet to change that, but it hasn't. to be a massively popular, cross-over 'hit' in a country like this, it seems that you'd need to hit so many specific check-boxes while simultaneously not veering into territory that'd be considered too 'intellectual', too critical of our society, against the status-quo of culture, etc etc etc. so you end up with generally mediocre stuff that 'everyone can agree on' floating to the top. p.s. Macklemore sucks and the new Daft Punk album is mediocre at best ;-)
  5. Besser is right! Gabrus is out of his mind! 'Upright Citizens Brigade" is infinitely better than forgettable gibberish like "Tibrus" or whatever... Sounding "like a political group" I think is part of the idea..it sounds mysterious, iconic, etc. Tibrus is nonsense that is just forgettable :-)
  6. ragnar

    Episode 8 — Who’s Got My Goo Balls?

    This was amazing. "Guitar Center Rock" ! Harris' claim that Miles Davis is "a terrible version of Phish" is just... I think the real problem in the end is that Harris has...shall I say, questionable taste? If you like improvisational music with elements of prog, jazz, & funk, (which could describe both 70's Miles and also Phish), and you LOVE Phish while actively *disliking* the real classic 70's fusion stuff, its just a case of poor taste methinks! I'd love to hear a version of the show where someone (like a DJ w/ legit music knowledge -- Scharpling fits the bill) tries to convince Harris that Phish actually aren't so great, by playing him better music, like actually respectable prog, 70's fusion records, etc
  8. ragnar

    Episode 17 — The 22 2-Step

    during the section about german 70's stuff (neu, cluster), who pronounced Can as "kahn"? was that Jeff?? lolz wtf sincerely, listening in a k-hole
  9. ragnar


    update: Improv4humans & two charted's newest episode download A-OK. no episodes of Prof. Blastoff or Comedy Bang-Bang will download, still. not sure about the rest. ;-| thanks
  10. ragnar


    Google Listen has its bugs, but also has fairly reliably delivered my 100+ rss podcast subscriptions every day for the past two or three years Starting a week or two ago, Earwolf podcasts download *once*, when the episode first comes out. If I happen to miss or postpone listening to a new episode, the podcast will not download again at all - it returns an error. This is still the case for every Earwolf podcast in Google Listen (all other podcast feeds from across the worldwide web are working fine). I've been trying to listen to the newer Prof. Blastoff for quite awhile...still no dice. Is there a bugfix coming soon?? hopefully?? ;-(
  11. ragnar

    Episode 116 — Bed Wetting!

    Dr. Drew is an exploitative scumbag :-)
  12. ragnar


    I'm having the same problem on my android device; I use google's rss podcast app ("Listen"). I've noticed this problem off and on over the last few days; currently no earwolf podcast will download at all. All other podcasts from various places load fine. (I've recently tried rebooting, refreshing, etc)
  13. ragnar

    Episode 47 — Samari

    did Aaron just say, "Indigo Montoya, you killed my father!" ?
  14. ragnar

    Episode 67.5 — 3/16/12 TWO CHARTED

    I'm with Kulap on Elvis... I actually don't think I know too many people (or any?) who legitimately like and listen to Elvis?? However in my experience, having at least a Beatles phase, regardless of age/whatever is far more common...
  15. ragnar

    Episode 66 — Get Up On This

    Howard -- My friends and I love the Gravediggaz record! I remember listening to that in highschool. Also I agree w/ Hot Karl's choice for the canibus track as best diss track.. i can recite the whole thing from memory PS Drake sux