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  1. djwetmouse

    Wow! You're Native American Too? with Joey Clift

    I liked this episode and would like to hear more!
  2. djwetmouse

    Episode 425 - Sunday Afternoon Taped

    Claudia on Bang Bang and doughboys on the same day, Nice!
  3. djwetmouse

    Episode 56 - Dungeon Guard

    O' dear lord, Yes! A million times Yes!
  4. djwetmouse

    Episode 56 - Dungeon Guard

    This podcast doesn't get enough love!
  5. This illustrator is a troll right? He's basically enraged by illustrators doing their jobs properly, training in a classic way. He started the conversation by saying he likes to follow rules??? Posted too soon, Chris was on point!
  6. djwetmouse

    Episode 54 - Witch

    Oddly enough every Claudia I've ever met was a ... witch!
  7. djwetmouse

    Episode 407 - Shut the Fuck Door!

    I passed the Limitless set today and loudly exclaimed "I want that pill!" I assumed it was a Limitless reference but it might be Meet the Fockers reference for all I know.
  8. Wow, thank you Chris Gerhard, that was pretty amazing!
  9. djwetmouse

    Episode 52 - One Year

    C- post. just kidding. just kidding about the kidding.
  10. djwetmouse

    Episode 52 - One Year

    I love this podcast and am very happy to find out Earwolf is now hosting!
  11. djwetmouse

    Best of 2015 Pt. 1

    Next time a loved one passes I'm gonna refer to them "getting all the way out of here." #R2DTOOSOON
  12. I wouldn't take his dismissal too seriously as he says he only watched 20 minutes but they don't actually talk about the fake moon landing theories till almost an hour in, It was just a movie he wasn't that into.
  13. Just realized that Duran Duran cover a song by Meli Mel that is taken note for note from Liquid Liquid. The truth is out there.
  14. djwetmouse

    EPISODE 26 - Garden of Eden

    The episode started "Taye nation." For a moment I thought I was listening to the Tate Diggs podcast.