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  1. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 16 — Vince Gilligan

  2. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 46 — Live at the San Francisco Sketch Fest

    That was great, thanks for posting! Would've loved to have seen it live..hopefully next year!
  3. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 45 — Unlocked Daydreamer

    Haha those cocktails sound amazing!
  4. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 132 — Living The American Dream

    I was at that Flight of the Conchords show in Boston, remember Eugene wasn't even on the bill (they only listed Kristen), so it was a great surprise when he popped up on stage.
  5. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 129 — Playing Dirty

    Happy early birthday, guys! Also, if anyone is going to tune into Portlandia tonight, a sneak peek of IFC's new show Out There is going to play right after. Got some citizens of the Country who've been working on it, would love it if people checked it out!
  6. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 1 - Larry David

    WHAT?! Feel like Jeff talked about this on Doug Loves Movies a while back, happy to see it pop up on Earwolf! Would love to hear Larry on Ronna and Beverly someday..somebody make it happen!
  7. jeremypiventoyou

    EPISODE 41 - Wonderful Podcast Time!

    That ending was beautiful, ladies!
  8. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 35 — Growing Pains

    I hope the new show does well, ladies! Any chance there'll be a way for people to watch it stateside? Would pay good money (short of moving to the UK) to see it.
  9. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 108 — Pew Felt

    Good on you guys for your pronunciation of Worcester. Also, bought my boyfriend a nice shirt from Bonobos with yo' code, thanks very much, brothers Sklar!
  10. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 42.5 — Minisode 42.5

    LOL used to rock out to that soundtrack at recess Does anyone else remember when they performed 'Wild Wild West"at some MTV awards show and everyone abandoned poor Stevie Wonder on stage? I can't find any video proof of this, but I definitely remember it happening..
  11. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 171 — Scrog Secretions

    Megan Mullally is a goddess.
  12. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 88 — Tooth Talk

    Tooooooooth Charted Love love loved this ep. Just had a run-in with the dentist similar to Howard's, thought it was going to be a cavity-ridden disaster but he said everything looked fine, now I want a second opinion!
  13. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 42 — Batman & Robin

    I had that Poison Ivy action figure, totally bought right into their merch-pushing scheme.
  14. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 170 — New Scoop

    Can't wait for the show tonight..Bost Soxerman?
  15. jeremypiventoyou

    Episode 32 — Not Personal

    Steve was such a good sport, love that he's cracking up through the whole thing. Thanks for another great episode, ladies!