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    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Despite the terrible story I kind of enjoyed this movie. The action scenes were straight out of a video game and I could watch C-Tattes fly around ragdolling Mila behind him all day (which was 1/2 of the actual movie so cool by me). A few points about Jupiter: 1. She becomes a space-princess and finds out about the universe in one day and going off the word of Tidus (who she doesn't know for more than an hour) decides to marry him!! Do some research, get a second opinion, wait a day, why agree to marry him on the spot? 2. When she meets Stinger she says something like why would they keep the good space tech from humans, then at the end she goes back to cleaning toilets, herself now hiding the good space tech from humans.
  2. ianfin

    EPISODE 112 — Jupiter Ascending

    Balem needs her to sign Earth over to him or he can't harvest it, she says so right before Tates shows up to save her on Jupiter.
  3. ianfin

    Episode 183 — Student Athlete

    Yes, this song's been playing in my head all week. Great to have Howard back!
  4. ianfin

    Episode 174.5 — 4/4/14 TWO CHARTED 113

    Speaking of the Lee ep,which is one of my favs, I was new to the show when I first heard it and thought it was amazing. It wasn't until the end that I realized Lee was really Howie. It was like the usual suspects.
  5. ianfin

    Episode 39 — There Is Ninjas

    What the heck is going on over at Earwolf? First Scott Anchorman lets the talant take summer off to go hob-nob with their celeb friends and now he lets you walk away from the funniest podcast ever!! Anyhoo, Wasn't there already a podcast on Earwolf that gave people advice on making it in Hollywood? (You guys really are the best and I guess I will (begrudingly) listen to your next podcast and somehow try to independently formulate my own opinion on reality tv)
  6. ianfin

    Generation Gaps

    You guys are off to a flying start. Between NKOTB surviving on semen and the JFK/donut line I am enjoying the shit out of this podcast so far.
  7. ianfin

    Episode 33 — Antigua Is So Beautiful

    This ep of Rivals was easily one of the top reality show moments ever (possibly only narrowly bested by the time Kenny turned the tables on Wes in Fresh Meat or the time Kenny carried Wes up a fucking mountain!!!).
  8. ianfin

    Episode 140.5 — 08/9/13 TWO CHARTED 79

    Earwolf's next show should be Armen and Wie Wie vs. Scott.
  9. ianfin

    Episode 236 — Murderer Heaven

    Awesome, thanks!
  10. ianfin

    Episode 139 — Boring Kanye West

    You sir have just made my week.
  11. ianfin

    Episode 236 — Murderer Heaven

    It takes sooo long though, I'm still waiting for the Howie/Besser Whooch from about 1 week and a half ago!
  12. ianfin

    Episode 139.5 — 08/02/13 TWO CHARTED 78

    This ep was already looney tunes when Eric Andre walks in dropping gems!
  13. ianfin

    Episode 29 — This Is Rude

    Nothing sad about it, just bros making other bros care.
  14. ianfin

    Episode 29 — This Is Rude

    Fuck yeah! I knew obsessively clicking on this page every Tue was a good use of my time.
  15. ianfin

    Episode 136.5 — 07/12/13 TWO CHARTED 75

    Could not stop laughing at work once I heard 'ponytail pete!'