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    Episode 43 - HGOT: Shadow of the Dragon Pt. I

    I love this series, and I think it's fascinating. This episode in particular gives one a lot of insight into Tywin Lannister and his relationship with his children. And it's good prep for this weekend's season premiere.
  2. Kristi_Lynne

    Please come back Marissa and Ms. Listler. Please.

    I try to remind myself that their absence is for a good cause -- namely, season 3 of "Playing House." But yes, I need an update on Marina Del Rey.
  3. Rabbi Dan! Nice to hear the chemistry between Kyle, Jessica and Lennon after seeing it on "Playing House." Love this podcast so much!
  4. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 291 - The Beauty of the Shakespeare

    I know very little about wrestling and even less about yoga, but now I'm seriously considering checking out DDP's program. His enthusiasm is just inspiring and infectious.
  5. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 290.5 - Sklarbro County 195

    Yeah, I've been listening since the first episode and I'm pretty sure we never heard about Dan's federal agent past. Maybe he's only just now allowed to talk about it. So excited to see you guys in Raleigh next week! I don't know about those other animal refuges but I do know there's a butterfly refuge in Durham. Very stressful place, as you can imagine.
  6. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 288 - The Worm is Feeling the Bern

    Firstly, let me apologize for that Carolina Panthers rap. There are plenty of people in this state who can spit mad rhymez, but that guy is not one of them. Secondly, I am so excited that you guys are coming to Raleigh! I will make every effort to be at one of your Saturday shows. It's a great town, much more laid-back than our other big cities. A great sports town since you're close to UNC and Duke and NC State (the redheaded stepchild of the ACC) and legendary locations like the Durham Bulls ballpark and Krzyzewskiville. The Carolina Hurricanes play at nearby PNC Arena and yes, we won a Stanley Cup...ten years ago. Most of the clubs and bars are along Glenwood Avenue, but there's also lots of cool places on Hillsborough Street. Don't forget to check out Moore Square where they drop a giant acorn every New Year's Eve. And don't miss out on the Krispy Kreme donuts.
  7. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 284 - The 2015 Character Episode

    Yay! Always a highlight of the holidays. Hats off to these guys for being able to improv and to do so in character. Especially to Chris and Dan for being able to have discussions with their own multiple personas.
  8. Kristi_Lynne


    Very impressed with Hampton, and always fun to hear MSTie talk. So yes, "The Room" was never done on MST3K but it was done by RiffTrax and it is hilarious! I also highly recommend their riffs o "Cloverfield" and "Paranormal Activity."
  9. Kristi_Lynne

    EPISODE 264 — H2 Hell No

    This was a great way to end my week, guys! I've adored Ken Marino since "The State" and I'm glad to hear that he's as nice, genuine, and funny as I'd hoped. And yes, John Carter is from Mars and Steve Rogers is Captain America. Tiger Woods just entered the Wyndham Championship and if he actually follows thru, he'll be playing a half-hour away from me. Not sure how close to a Perkins. Hope his mother is traveling with him. (Sorry, Tiger is my fave Chris Cox voice, after Sam Elliott)
  10. Kristi_Lynne

    The Wahlberg Solution 4

    So excited to see another Wahlberg Solution pop up on my iTunes! I would love to see one of these in person someday but for now, the audio is enough to make me laugh out loud inappropriately at work. Great job, Dan & Friends!
  11. Kristi_Lynne


    I think if you use the hashtag #DVKCounty, Dan will see it. And you're right, a lot of sad news coming out of Florida these days. Thankfully we stick to the tales of criminal mischief rather than real malice.
  12. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 224.5 — Sklarbro County 129

    So excited to hear Matt Gourley on the show! Discovered him as part of the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project--his impression of H.R. Giger is a thing of beauty. Good luck and Godspeed, Fievel!
  13. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 204 — The Zeit'MothaFuckin'Geist

    This episode prompted me to check out "Playing House," and I'm so glad I did. What a sweet and funny show with an amazing cast! Zimas for everyone!
  14. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 202.5 — Sklarbro County 107

    Jon Dore makes "Sklarbro County/Country" history yet again! I can't believe we got to hear the real Brandon. All this must be a little weird for the kid but since he's Canadian, I'm sure he's nice about it. One of my fave episodes because of the interaction between the guys. Jon encouraging DVK to keep powering through his story while Randy and Jason keep tossing out Canadian newspaper names was hilarious!
  15. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 184 — You Upchurched It

    So good catching up with Showalter. He was my main squeeze of all "The State" guys. And now his pronunciation of "GrrrrryfinDOR!!" will always be in my head. I dunno why but Gumbel's delayed recognition of "Ohhhhhhh, the Sklar Brothers" makes me laugh every time. This is the weekend -- Countdown to Puppy Bowl kickoff, you guys!
  16. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 171.5 — Sklarbro County 76

    Had to stifle my laughter while listening to this episode at work, and that was really difficult during the Tree Payback story. Too funny! On a shallow note, I adore Matt and Drew's accents. But as an NC native, I just can't bring myself to root for Kentucky in basketball.
  17. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 167 — Win Before The Snap

    So excited to see, er, hear David Koechner on the show again! His original appearance is still one of my favorites, and this one ranks up there as well. I had no idea you guys were at the game when my alma mater beat yours. If it's any consolation, App State has gone steadily downhill since.
  18. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 158 — Malicious Fecal Distribution

    So excited that Michael Blieden was this week's guest! I loved his music video breakdowns on "The Daily Show." My favorite was the one about George Strait's "Check Yes or No" where Michael proclaimed that George Strait is about checking "yes," not like those other angry musicians who think it would be cool to check "no." Thanks for getting me through a rough workday, guys!
  19. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 155 — Death By Nerf

    So excited to hear Carlos on this episode! His scenes with Cedric Yarbrough were usually my favorites on "Reno 911." The guy is clearly quick-witted, smart, and super talented. I'm glad he's having so much success with voiceover work, but I enjoy seeing him too. Even in those insurance commercials. Also nice of him to make it rain.
  20. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 144.5 — Sklarbro County 49

    I will definitely be checking out Adam's pilot on Amazon. Growing up as the child of a teacher, I know how ripe that world is for comedy. Love the idea of a Founding Fathers Fantasy League. Hamilton would be my first-round pick. You'd always have to bench Franklin after one of his diplomatic trips to France, though.
  21. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 142.5 — Sklarbro County 47

    Actually, I appreciate Dan's efforts to keep the guys and guest on track. I love the riff-alanches as much as the next Sklarbro Country citizen but if he didn't rein them in, these episodes would be as long as the original podcast and that's not the purpose of the "County" episodes. I don't mind when the stories aren't all sports-related, either. Some weeks, the 12:45 guy in the entourage actually does his job and keeps his buddy out of the headlines. Huzzah for fellow Walshes (even though we're from different sides of the Eastern Seaboard)!
  22. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 141.5 — Sklarbro County 46

    Maybe one of my favorite County episodes ever! I was laughing out loud all the way to and from work today. Best foursome since ABBA. I've been watching for County-worthy stories while I've been interning at the local PD this semester. While we were responding to a housebreaking call this morning, we heard someone from dispatch talking about a guy causing a disturbance and making karate moves. Not sure if it was someone passing through or Mac from "It's Always Sunny." Sit down, Cheryl!
  23. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 138.5 — Sklarbro County 43

    Always nice to hear an English accent on the show. "The wall punch is like a drunk tattoo"--words of wisdom indeed. I imagine that the woman who called 911 for help with her unruly kids would be listed on our police department's dispatch log as a "Problem Solving Activity," and that makes me laugh.
  24. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 137.5 — Sklarbro County 42

    Jean-Ralphio!! Love that guy, and loved the "You might be a pimp"-alanche. As soon as I read that story about the woman fleeing in a Power Wheels truck, I knew it would end up on Dan's desk at some point. Thanks for brightening up my Tuesday, guys!
  25. Kristi_Lynne

    Episode 136 — A Nye For A Nye

    It was "Delocated," a series on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim. Probably available for rental or streaming somewhere. Can't remember if they mentioned Jon's work on "Parks & Rec." He's been such a great nemesis for Leslie Knope this season.