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    Episode 118 — Hologram Toes

    I'm pretty sure Scott made it obvious with his sarcastic tone at the beginning of the show that... a. He was poking fun at the commentator from the Oswalt/Daly episode who was upset that Andy Daly's character kept interrupting and talking over Patton. b. There will not be an in-depth interview with Patton.
  2. Lance Romance

    Orca (1977)

    Good choice, I remember watching this on a whim with a buddy a couple of years ago. All I remember about Orca is it being terrible and that the Native dude would magically show up out of nowhere in various scenes to give his words of wisdom.
  3. Lance Romance


    I can only assume that this movie is in the cards for the future. I can't help but chuckle every time I see the HDTGM logo!
  4. Lance Romance

    Henderson at the Hot Dog eating contest

    Here's the full contest. Bertoletti lets out a sweet roar of "HENDERSON" at the very end! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BEP6gAQCPcg
  5. Lance Romance

    D2: The Mighty Ducks (1994)

    If you go with a Mighty Ducks movie it's got to be D3. The 2nd one is bad I agree but the 3rd is a stinker. They all get scholarships to a prep school to basically play against the varsity team from the same school.