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  1. as worried as I am about engineer brett's autism scheme machine, it DOES roll off the tongue pretty well
  2. turns out I loved this episode so much I began feeling invincible and no longer bound to the laws of mortals, like making sure you cook ground beef all the way through. the last 12 hours have been a roller coaster of barfies and poopies, and yet, in the end, I feel like it was worth it, because I got to think about my funny boys some more instead of sleeping. what an honor
  3. please make a whole show of the drum and saxophone who are friends
  4. finally venerated. our little greggy is so grown up now
  5. earlier today I stared into the abyss, and Chanson stared back. highly recommended staring experience
  6. hey did we ever get Dixon's opinion on Dixon
  7. dixon betrayed my trust and drove me to write his name in an old textbook in permanent marker for a bad goof, so I'm somewhere off to the right of the paper. I don't even want to see the line of indifference
  8. I actually did not guess that. Please do not give me credit for that guess
  9. I think I've made this comparison before but this episode really had a vibe and that hella gets my bubbles goin bye. bye. bye! bye!!
  10. oi oi oi oi oi ya gotta keep it calsteady well that's my tcgs reference for tonight I hope this episode is super good as expected when I listen to it 2morrow edit: eat more butts
  11. This movie has some of Jim Steinman's most unhinged and delightful songs. I am obsessed with " "
  12. One time when I was a young child I went to a Counting Crows show and the hypnotic "na na na"s at the end of "A Long December" sent me into a violent fugue state. Long story short I'm pretty sure I wound up giving some weenie a knuckle sandwich just kidding I want to know every detail of this story steve please steve
  13. Well now that you mention it, I can. I spend a lot of my waking time imagining things and some of my sleep time too. I consider myself an expert on being terrified, spooked, startled, and petrified, and have developed a scale to measure how ghastly the world is. here's an abridged table of some bad shit, ranked by their Scareville Units (this is a pun on Scoville units, the measurement of spiciness. I'm ashamed for both of us that I have to explain this to you.) 0 - a big bowl of vanilla ice cream: perfectly unscary. a tasty treat! 1.5 - a big bowl of chocolate ice cream: the only scary thing is how much I like it! 5 - bowl of ice cream set near the table edge: please don't knock it over..... be careful...... 10-1000 - critters (various): big critters: not scary. mostly cute and more afraid of you than you are of them! easy to avoid. medium critters: not very scary. this category includes dogs, the anti-horror invisible critters: a little scary. you get the sneezes from these tiny guys small critters: a bad time! these are bugs. they can really sneak up on you and live in your shirt for a year galactic critters: the scariest critter. this category includes planets and space clouds, which I think are probably alive and definitely mean 2500-5000 - night-time: this is when I go to bed :-) sometimes monsters and crime happen during this period :-/ 10000 - responsibility: am I right guys??? no really, am I.... I sure hope I am.... 12000 - staring, unblinking children: this is a horror movie classic for a reason, folks! these kids are up to no good 12001 - staring, unblinking adults: in my experience this is just normal 20000 - Devil Field: incredibly bad and shocking. just a dire situation all around. 20500 - Demon Meadow: exactly the same, but somehow worse 20569 - Demon Wayans: yikes! haha, this one is actually only a joke. I hope you liked it 33333 - crow world 40000 - talking to a woman: truly bone-chilling. just thinking about it is making me sweat in all the wrong places 50000 - dreaming that you're back in college, even though you graduated years ago, and you forgot to study for the big test, , and then waking up and you're in college and your postgrad life was a dream and the test starts in 5 minutes!!!!!!!!! 60000 - crowzone: the upgraded version of crow world science hasn't found out about yet 75000 - the human condition, if you think about it...: it takes a real twisted mind to think about life in this way, and a lot of people don't give the society they live in a second thought... but we're all trapped in a cage, in a way, by each other, and all for what... to make the banks have more money?? NO THANKS 1000000 - making a stupid list for a forum and it turns out not very funny and no one likes it: the worst fate imaginable
  14. Emily must be the best interview to date. Such a delight, so many weird and wonderful personal details!
  15. if this week's episode is delayed and we have to live in this thread for another week... well, that's just about the worst thing I can imagine. and I've imagined lots of bad things. like being turned into a can of pringles by a bad wizard and eaten by sloppy children or slipping on ice and falling on my butt right in front of a snowplow that scoots me out into the sea or losing the trail in the middle of a big forest (daytime) and I'm eaten apart by bugswarm or flying in an airplane and finding out I'm on the wrong plane and this is the one they fly into a volcano once a year for good luck or accidentally touching a baby bird on the way to the deli and now you have to be the bird's mommy even though you've always known in your heart that you don't have what it takes to be a parent or having to be sober in a social situation or operating a big steam engine and a pipe blasts your noggin off with steam and all your coworkers call you Steamhead and it's impossible to quit because the health insurance is so good or looking at a mirror and your reflection turns around and leaves to be in a cooler person's mirror or you're eating a donut and you find a wedding ring inside, but not in the middle where it'd be ideal because the donut hole is too big, and you have to cancel the wedding because you just can't let it go I could go on but I'm getting too chilled thinking about making this awful thread any longer
  16. mwn

    Episode 395 - Yupparently

    I will paypal $$$$ to whomever can guarantee I will never have to hear Scott's butterslurp sound effects again. They are truly, viscerally upsetting funny episode all around tho
  17. Well gang, maybe we can turn it around on page 13
  18. Backstage? Underage? Adolescent? How ya doin'?
  19. Dear guest, it's my birthday and I'm waiting alone at a bar for some friends to show up. How do I gracefully slink out and cry all the way home if they don't show? I imagine you've been in this situation a lot, no offense. thank m,
  20. Dear guest, Did you ever get all seven Chaos Emeralds in Sonic the Hedgehog? I never did and it tears me up inside. Thanks, mwn
  21. when dom first said "jack skellington" I thought "oh what if he had said jack skeleton instead" and then lo and behold. I guess what I'm saying is that I'm just as funny as these damn jokers on the sound file. no biggie whoop though to me.
  22. mwn

    Episode 394 - Wisconsin Sugar Babies

    Having not heard of him before, I'm impressed with Tim Baltz in this episode; he was really funny and gelled well with everyone. Kind of a Joe Wengert energy to his character which is always good.