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    Android version, pleeeeeeaaaasseeeeeee!!! It's so depressing to hear you talk about how great this app is going to be, and how content is about to be pulled, knowing I am 100% frozen out because I use an Android. I don't understand why Android users are being disregarded in this fashion.
  2. LAinWLA

    CBB Summer Tour 2013

    Thank you, unfortunately I don't have the order confirmation email anymore, but I appreciate the gumroad email address. I already emailed Earwolf to no avail.
  3. LAinWLA

    CBB Summer Tour 2013

    Hi, sorry to start a whole thread about this, but I haven't been able to get an answer by email or on the Earwolf site. I purchased the CBB 2013 summer tour and I want to re-download some of the episodes. Can anyone tell me where I log in to do that? thank you
  4. This episode proved to be "NSFL" - not safe for lunch - as I happened to be eating mine when the topic of "rotten" came up - and really came close to puking all over the place. Great episode, though, as always. :-D
  5. LAinWLA


    Amazing, hilarious thread. My favorite is "I'm not on Twitter, guys" Great work, everyone!
  6. I just started listening to "Stuff You Missed in History Class" a few weeks ago, and I just love it. The way the hosts talk always makes me think of the "Delicious Dish" sketches from SNL :-) I'd love to hear an improv sketch based on that whole presentational style....
  7. The Case Closed topic was interesting enough but went on way too long, and the male guest's voice was super loud and extremely annoying, I ended up having to fast forward through most of his parts because his voice was making my head hurt.
  8. LAinWLA

    Episode 56.5 β€” Minisode 56.5

    Wish I could be more clever about this but I just had to say how much I totally, 100% LOVE that supercut. Maybe the greatest thing I've ever heard. Literally.
  9. They had armed security guards at Columbine.... and that was super helpful, wasn't it?
  10. Re: the guest's statement (I'm paraphrasing) - "what if you try to take people's guns and they go nuts and start shooting cuz they're so mad that the government wants to take their guns away" To me, this is typical of the bullying and threatening we get from gun nuts all the time - both overt and unspoken. You better be nice to them, and you better not try to regulate their guns, or they just might shoot you! They use this threat to intimidate others into just going along with them having all the guns they want. So much bullying, and it's so obvious.
  11. LAinWLA

    Episode 3 β€” On Golden Film

  12. I agree completely! Very excited to listen to this!!
  13. LAinWLA

    Episode 113 β€” Jockstrap Boner

    FYI, this episode is not appearing in the RSS feed.....
  14. LAinWLA

    Live Summer Tour Podcasts

    Are any pictures available from the summer tour?
  15. LAinWLA

    Episode 100 β€” Puh-Pillow Pets

    Congrats guys :-) I'm sure it will be a great episode!