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  1. If there's a word for trying to trap someone with a "Yes And," that's exactly what Craig did to PFT with that Days of Our Lives riff.
  2. wo

    Episode 267 - Cheeseburgers to the Dome

    #1 Yay, Sam Bee! #2 I'm enjoying this take on the new format: start with the guests, talking charts (and other stuff) with them, classic Whooch. Also, it allows you to "go long" with the guest.
  3. I sincerely hope someone's working on a fully produced version of Eliza Skinner's song about not touching black people's hair or pregnant women's bellies.
  4. wo

    EPISODE 258 — Spit It and Quit It

    I would love it if they could find a way to spend more time with the guest. Would it be too awkward to have the guest sit in on the first two charts and comment? It wouldn't be too different from the old format when Who Charted prime would sometimes detour into a Howard or Kulap story. Just seems like the guest portion got short-changed with the new format.
  5. That V-neck is honestly pretty conservative, but maybe Jimmy's not used to that shock of gray chest hair peeking out?
  6. Harsh but fair! Kirby's a great guest.
  7. Usually, the label does supply an "adult contemporary" version. "See You Again" was a combination of the singer guy demoing a "just me" version with sung verses, and a radio DJ editing together that with the real version for his own "none of the rap" edit for his station. And then he passed around to other stations enough that it hit the charts. http://www.billboard.com/articles/columns/chart-beat/6641024/wiz-khalifa-see-you-again-charlie-puth-version
  8. That "Claypool" song was 100 times better than anything Primus have ever done.
  9. wo

    EPISODE 368 — Ric Bic For President

    So did Rob Huebel know the 4 members of Stryper off the top of his head? Amazing.
  10. wo

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    I agree with you based on the quote you quoted, but when I scrolled up and read the SECOND half of that paragraph, well, the sister sounds like a trashbag with some troubling thoughts on race.
  11. wo

    EPISODE 691 - Sexual Preference

    I wish this call had come up when Gaby Dunn was there.
  12. wo

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    Yep! Human Services NEEDS everyone to think really long and hard about this, because most people who want to foster have that "we'll love any child who comes into our home!" attitude, and they need to splash a little "let's think about how the real world works" cold water on that.
  13. wo

    EPISODE 687 - Adoption

    Yeah, this episode made me feel pretty icky. They're pretty flippant about how adoption works. It's one thing that they don't know how it works; it's another to laugh off all of the tricky issues involved. Andrew, if you're going to tell callers to keep it short, don't act like they're a smug asshole for trying to sum up a complex issue for the sake of the voicemail's brevity.
  14. I would like to apply for membership to the Hooray That Was a Janet Varney Off-Mic Laugh Club for ExcellenceTM.
  15. wo

    EPISODE 649 - White People Spicy

    Oops, dwag, you accidentally posted your signature as a comment!
  16. That's why Dr. Doug clarified that you need to visit "doctor doug dog com."
  17. Very pleased that Will Forte said "Donald" in the Falconer voice.
  18. Jonathan Daniel Brown just referred to [Def Jam co-founder] Rick Rubin as "the Jewish guy no one talks about." Love it.
  19. wo

    EPISODE 243 — Squeezing Dicky V

    HOORAY for Field Music in the jump music! One of my favorite bands. Also HOORAY for Cameron Esposito!
  20. Does the microphone feedback continue past minute 10? Because I cannot handle that - at least, not on headphones.
  21. wo

    Episode 572 - Left Wing Racism

    This caller sounds like the Twitter folks who are complaining that The Nightly Show isn't "more balanced."
  22. wo

    Episode 565 - Racist Dogs

    Solid arguments, dude! I'm sure Earwolf will take note of your indisputable evidence and swiftly cancel the show.
  23. wo

    Episode 259 — Last Laugh #1!

    Nicely done! I was a little leery of them bringing in a first-timer for the "last laugh," especially someone who isn't known for doing podcasts, but this was a perfect way to go out - just a regular episode, lots of great tangents, great Lame or Totally, and one last person being confused by The Oprah Game.
  24. Loving the "Help Me Rhonda" throughline on all these episodes. Tracy Reardon has a great rapport with every podcast host in the known Lapkusverse.