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  1. Kit2bot

    Episode 166 — Farts and Procreation 2

    Yes! I was very excited to see that the "gang" was back. 'Too true mon frere' is a hot jam. Chelsea laughing at her Martha Climpton joke was awesome. She also made her flight on time it turned out to be another great episode. Follow chelsea on instagram and twitter she is too cool for school.
  2. Kit2bot

    Show us your Earwolf swag!!

    Throwback Comedy Death Ray
  3. Kit2bot

    Gelmania II

    Gelmaniacs unite. The revolution has begun and I can't participate until I have the Gelmania blindfold/bandana. Please put that in the earwolf store.
  4. Kit2bot

    Help I'm turning into a comedy nerd

    Laughspin.com. To hear in depth interviews w/ comedians turn to the Marc Maron Podcast. TV - Louis. Movie - Wet Hot American Summer. Documentary - I am Comic..Comedians of Comedy. Comedy Album - Anthony Jeselnik's Shakespeare.
  5. Kit2bot

    Episode 46 — Margaret and Al

    Not a fan of any of this week's music charts, but loved how Peppitone broke down Al and Maragaret as one person, just looking in the mirror. That was dark shit but sooo hilarious. Geez did you guys see the artwork for their live show it is soo good check it out guys and make the road trip out there. [attachment=9315,201]
  6. Kit2bot

    Episode 127 — National Pleasure

    Some highlights that i like from the show. Do you wanna Fuck? Do You Wanna Suck? Eat Me Out. I'm talking to you Dad. 17:08 into the show Guess the misheard lyrics. - Nick Swardson. You can't fuck a girl with your asshole. "I bet you can use some con-Air conditioning now.. What's up player" National Pleasure. Gone in 69 Seconds, This is how we don't do it, Bread, tomato, cheese, pepperoni, pepper, sausage, mushroom,pineapple, canadian bacon, cheese filled crust, deep dish possibilities, olives, and you know what else the mozzarella. God Damnit I wish people would FUCKING WAKE UP. Wine, dine, and 69
  7. Hello all. I listened to one of my favorite episodes of "comedy death ray" episode 99 with Patton Oswalt, and Andy Daly (Don Dimelo) in this one. @ 1hr and 26 mins begins the plugs theme by Donovan Delile. One of the best plugs all year. Since plugs is really the best part of the show, just ask Harris Wittles, its time to go through the archives and find the best plugs all year. For timesake I'll just promte episode 99 and get back to it later.
  8. Kit2bot

    Earwolf without ED

    @jeff ullrich Can we get engineer doug as a guest on thw wolf den to talk about his experience as an engineer @ earwolf?
  9. The God Hates Report was debted on Eardrop but does anybody know what date he first came on?
  10. Kit2bot

    Episode 101 — Booked It!

    I heard Paster Fred Phelps' debut on Eardrop and hearing him revived on CBB was Hilarious. Notable lines. I take umbridge with you taking umbridge- Casey Wilson. "Scott Cockerman" thats an oldie but a goodie. This was a good one and hearing the Lonely Island was awesome. More improv of the week should be added though.
  11. Kit2bot

    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    Yes. This movie sucks balls and penis just like a porn star (male or female). Spoiler*why would someone choose to fulfill their addiction to toothpicks, besides Razor Ramon or the guy in the bowling alley from uncle buck over getting a snake monster up your ass. I hate this movie. Nothing was good. Nothing I'm having flashbacks about it now and it just makes me angry.
  12. I thought Bloodsport could be in there but there's just way too many worse movies that the Muscles from Brussels made. Street Fighter Double Team Legionairre and anything after Legionairre excluding JCVD
  13. Kit2bot

    What guest do you want to see?

    Nick Thune Garfunkle&Oates Amy Schumer Todd Barry Natasha Leggero Bill Burr Stella Chelsea Peretti Whitney Cummings Dave Chappelle Kristen Wiig Kulap Anthony Jeselnik
  14. Kit2bot

    Episode 15 — Four Douche Episode

    I agree w/ you Jamie. This is one of the classics. Natasha and Besser are my favorite guests on the show. I still like to hear Natasha's bit on reality tv from this episode.
  15. Kit2bot

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    My first podcast experience started in '09 w/ Doug loves movies, I then heard about Adam carolla, CDR, and theBill Burr Monday Morning podcast. I'm still a loyal listener to those three to this day. I've added who charted?/howdidthisgetmade/bobducca/wolfden/mikedetective/applesisters/espnmichellebeadle/podftompcast/wtfmarcmaron to the list. Listening to wolfs den is almost like an extra credit assignment to the comedy nerd.Wolfsden is an appreciation to the comedy podcast world and it gets me excited to talk about why I love podcasting especially through earwolf .