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    Episode 134 — Bride of Chucky

    Thanks for using the plugs song, dudes. More horseshit at http://MyLifeAsaHorse.com See you in Hell, Jean-Ralphio!
  2. Margaret Cho's voice sounds different in this podcast than usual. I checked some stand-up clips, a Bonnaroo appearance, and even an "All-American Girl" episode to make sure I wasn't imagining things. So I looked around on Google and found this article where she discusses having throat/voice problems: http://kenphillipsgroup.com/Phillips/chods1009.htm I can only speculate that's why she sounds different, but either way, glad she's doing better.
  3. "There Ain't No Shame In Plugs" - My Life As A Horse http://mylifeasahorse.com
  4. As a podcast host and producer myself, I made a choice to reserve comment on anything involving this show. I'd rather just enjoy it and see what helpful advice I can glean from it. Also, I've not wanted to be mean when either a guest judge or a contestant comes off as clueless about something, as not to burn any bridges just for the sake of expressing an opinion. And also, as has been hinted at on the show, a lot of you posting on these forums are terrible, terrible people that I don't want to engage in discussion with. But between Jordan Morris and Mark Thompson, I have simply had it. If you do not understand why a talking dog lawyer that says bark and woof and arf between human words and that offers a settlement of 8 million snausages is the most hilarious thing that has ever happened on this podcast, you should be shot into outer space in a rocket aimed towards the sun so that your disease does not spread to the rest of the human population.
  5. BFH

    The Common Thread Thread

    I notice this not only on Earwolf, but on podcasts in general, including my own. Sometimes weird things hit the podcast zeitgeist. One week, it was minotaurs.