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  1. BenV

    Episode 165 — Hoo-ah!

    Another long-time listener and huge fan of the Choctaw, but it seems like the show is going through another slow patch. Almost turned off when I realised there'd be a musical guest. C'mon Hot Soccermom, I believe in you!
  2. BenV

    Episode 73 — Ooey Gooey Sui

    Woah ease up there, it's called aging. And yeah you don't exactly need to dress up for a podcast. I often podcast while wearing a onesie.
  3. BenV

    Episode 47 — Samari

    Um. Samari?
  4. BenV

    Episode 46 — Art

    Chris Fairbanks really rubbed me the wrong way. He hates art critics who make definitive, pretentious statements about art then claims Van Gogh is 'the best painter ever'. He also writes off street art, except the kind he did. For an episode on art, you had a really narrow-minded guest.
  5. BenV

    Episode 43 — Taste

    I had to switch this episode off - the guest kept talking over the people I actually listen to the show for. Very frustrating.
  6. BenV

    Episode 37 — Sustainability

    Yeah I think Steven was great, hopefully if he comes on again he can tone down the fan-ness and appreciate the fact that he's talent, baby.
  7. BenV

    Episode 57 — Boogie Jams

    I wonder specifically HOW annoyed everyone at Earwolf is that this Colin guy is both ripping their Intellectual Property and in a way stopping them from creating merch using these concepts (because of the weird crossover of copyright, in that these are 'original' works).
  8. So this is the episode in which we discover that June has some weird, weird issues. "Women have an inherent fear of men." ???
  9. I came here to say the same thing, Roy. That drop may be the funniest thing that's happened on CBB for months, and I mean that in the nicest possible way. Gold.
  10. BenV

    I have a GREAT idea!!!!

    Hey Thomas, you can be a guest on my show. It's called "The Asylum", and you don't ever get to leave.
  11. BenV

    Episode 30 — Gratitude

    So.. Jared's weird.
  12. BenV

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    Apologies to Dustin and all live musical guests, but I have to agree with Hot Dog. I have always and will always fast-forward the musical performances. Not because I dislike them, but because it's not what I'm in the mood for when I press play on Comedy Bang Bang.
  13. BenV

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    Loved David Wain. Can't wait for more Childrens Hospital and Wainy Days!
  14. BenV

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    That definitely merited a watermark.
  15. BenV

    I have a GREAT idea!!!!

    Yeah, as Brian said this happens yearly and goes for $1000+, from memory. Not the kind of thing to be done via the message board.