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    Best Of Chris Cox

    I was thinking maybe to commemorate 50 episodes yall could do a Best Of Chris Cox bonus episode (or however many it would take). Maybe they could be compartmentalized by character or in some kind of chronological order. Ok, look. I just want all of the Jerry Jones and Sam Elliott bits in one easy to swallow tablet. I'm not gonna lie. Anyway, something to think about...
  2. They mention cameos and the gay couple but fail to mention it is Maynard James Keenan(TOOL) and Danny Lohner(NIN)? Come on guys!
  3. M4G3RK

    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    Crank 3: Night Of The Living Crank - Chelios is actually killed in the opening scene but, resurrected by Dwight Yokam (a skill he learned from Haitian witch doctors) he is only "undead" for a certain amount of time and they only way to become actually alive again he must get revenge on who killed him.
  4. M4G3RK

    Episode 47 — Buddhist Retreat

    On TNA last night Sting repeatedly started calling Hogan by his real name Terry. I think Sklarbritration is having a real world impact. (Yes, I watch TNA and I perfer it to WWE.) http://www.youtube.com/user/TNAwrestling#p/u/3/Wbm08GhgKEg