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    EPISODE 341 β€” Banging the Table with Stars

    Venting. It's fun to commiserate about something you hate. Also, I should say that I LIKE Stars…I have Heart and SYOF. They just weren't very good here, and it ruined a Claudia O'Doherty appearance. Be honest: Did you not feel any weird tension when Amy shut down one of Claudia's first bits? I thought that was pretty strange. I'm much more hesitant to speak on (Hollywood Handbook, much love) bad appearances by comedians. Musicians, I'm sure they couldn't care less.
  2. switcheroou

    EPISODE 341 β€” Banging the Table with Stars

    I guess my biggest problem was that they weren't funny, but clearly thought otherwise. Annie Clark was funny. Nick Lowe was funny (and to my earlier point, both Annie and Nick stayed quiet for long stretches). Stars weren't funny, and they derailed both CO and NC's characters. I can't be alone here. Does no one else think Stars were terrible? Seems to be the only reaction over on AV Club.
  3. switcheroou

    EPISODE 341 β€” Banging the Table with Stars

    Most musical guests know when to take a step back and let the comedians do comedy on the comedy podcast. Stars didn't seem to have much interest in that.
  4. Great episode, and holy shit, what a trip hearing David Bazan get right into some Headphones deep cuts. I almost couldn't believe my ears.
  5. switcheroou

    Episode 79.5 β€” 6/8/2012 TWO CHARTED 18

    Thanks, a-holes. Now I have that Kitty Pryde song stuck in my head. Even worse, one of my coworkers caught me listening to it on Youtube.
  6. switcheroou

    Episode 150 β€” Time Bobby

    If Mott survived the First Huell Howser Crowbot incident, surely he can fend off a malnourished (but well-knifed) street urchin/Ray Parker, Jr. freeloader. Right? RIGHT?
  7. switcheroou

    Episode 150 β€” Time Bobby

    Instant. Classic. And a Ghostbusters II reference! This is as good as it gets.
  8. switcheroou

    Episode 82 β€” Turn the (Ellen) Page

    Awesome show. Can't wait for the network premiere of "3rd and Long." Also, Tim Gunn is quickly becoming one of my favorite guests. Good work James!
  9. switcheroou

    Episode 20 β€” London Calling

    Great, great episode. Beverly's clandestine invitation to Jeff at the end was just the icing on the cake.
  10. switcheroou

    Episode 19 β€” Vacation Crashing

    Love the show, ladies!
  11. switcheroou

    Episode 76 β€” Live from Sklarbro Country!

    Nice, Dark. And great episode, guys…hearing Laraine lose her sh*t during the Gelman bit was really special.
  12. switcheroou

    Episode 136 β€” 2011 Holiday Spectacular

    So glad it ended with a Huell freak-out. You can't see it, but I'm crying huge tears into my tear basin right this very second.
  13. switcheroou

    Episode 132 β€” Occupy Thanksgiving

    James!!! The show has sorely missed his boisterous background laughter.
  14. switcheroou

    What guest do you want to see?

    So James is in NYC. Do phones not work there? One of my favorite PFT bits was when he called in from the blimp. The people demand James Adomian!
  15. switcheroou

    Episode 130 β€” Tall Napoleon

    Hilarious episode, Moynihan killed it. I've already integrated "Prove it... show me the microfiche" into my vernacular. It's gotten some weird looks.