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    Episode 126 — Suicide is Painless

    PFT and Nick Lowe--two of my favorite entertainers. I haven't listened yet, but I really hope the make out! If they don't, you can expect to receive some of my fan fiction soon.
  2. One more vote for TJ Miller!
  3. Gaseous Clay

    Episode 28 — Who Charted? Book Club

    Great episode, dudes. Probably in my top 3 (Tom Lennon and blazed Brody Stevens being the other high-water marks). Koechner was a fine guest--nice change of pace. Usually on Earwolf shows I say the sillier the better, but he brought some smarts and soul to the show this week. Keep it up. In my uninformed opinion, Who Charted? is the unsung hero of the Earwolf lineup!