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  1. danlboone

    Episode 162 — Nephew Jonah

    Masked Intruder rules hard
  2. danlboone

    Episode 258 — Yoke Jams

    Bill finally got a decent one in there at the end and it went almost unnoticed, "Maybe I didn't put my name at the top"
  3. danlboone

    Episode 255 — A Visit From Hee Hee-ll

    holy shit Scott's Adam Ant-ian "what DO you do?" got me good
  4. danlboone

    Episode 148 — Young Randolph Mantooth

    "Doesn't stop Drake!" I love you, Howard
  5. danlboone

    Episode 243 — Blow Me Up, Tom!

    Adomian & Bam Bam were amazing as always, and that plug theme was really great as well
  6. danlboone

    Episode 143 — Normies

    Howard I hope that was a Streets reference with "the robots are taking over"
  7. danlboone

    Episode 186 — Heading To San Vicente!

    man, Eddie was really fantastic
  8. danlboone

    Episode 237 — Filipino Blockbuster

    .... you up!
  9. danlboone

    Episode 180 — Friends Without Words

    sweet baby haysus this was amazing. PFT 4 life
  10. danlboone

    Episode 93 — RikiLeaks

    Always a good sign when Kulap is laughing as soon as the theme starts
  11. danlboone

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    everything with Charles Barkley was absolutely incredible. i am still catching my breath.
  12. danlboone

    Episode 13 — Boat Queen Week 1 of 6

    this episode was amazing! the Cheryl (which really is a funny name for a boy) song was truly spectacular.
  13. danlboone

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    Harris Wittels the lady-killer has returned! Por finnnnnnnnnnnn!
  14. danlboone

    "Earth Day Sex" by The Lilting Banshees

    is this treading too closely to Weirder Scott's world-famous "Birthday Cheques" parody? hmmm