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  1. JeffRozak

    Episode 97 — A Butt Goes Forever

    Been listening to NPw/BP&F since the beginning -- never missed an episode. I'm one of those listeners that Brian referenced as being "so happy" about this week's Chuck Mangione reference. (I hummed/sang along with the guys while in the shower listening.) I must say, I had a minor orgasm at the reference to The Streak by Ray Stevens. When I was a kid, Saturday was house cleaning day for my family. With 5 kids, it didn't take very long -- we'd each have one chore to do. The best part about Saturdays was that since my Mom was out grocery shopping at the time, my Dad would use that time to make sure his records weren't getting warped by blasting a very eclectic plethora of Rock & Roll, Country, Big Band, and even some "less inappropriate" comedy albums. Spike Jones, Bill Cosby, Steve Martin, specific bits from Cheech & Chong, and even RAY STEVENS. Growing up in the North East part of the country, none of my friends had ever heard of Ray Stevens, and thought we were all nuts if ever we started singing Guitarzan, Ahab the Arab, or one of our (still to this day) favorites -- The Streak. I'm grown now. I'm 37, with a wife, 2 kids, and a home of my own. To this day, when any or all of my family gets together, we STILL reference certain lines like "Don't look, Etheeeeellll!" and are IMMEDIATELY on the same page. Mom thinks the 5 of us and Dad are all nuts, but what does she know, she was at the super market. Here's a link to the Song. It's not exactly the album version I know and love, but this video by an aging Ray Steven still gets the idea across. ;-)
  2. JeffRozak

    Questions for Sark

    Hail Sark, the wise and knowing! When DMing for an inebreiated player character, do you modify the game to reflect a possible impairment on their part? While I love the way Gerry is roleplaying a drunken Sir Richard, his abilities don't seem to have been affected by a few days of constant drinking. Is our beloved resident Elwood Blues ("We're on a mission from god.") really that powerful, or has he been taking it easy on the sauce? Also, being pretty unfamiliar with D&D, I had to google Bahamut. In setting up the new character with Gerry, was Bahamut chosen intentionally, or is it just a big coincidence that he worships a dragon deity? In what ways, if any, does this sway his feeling towards Bart? Does Bart also worship Bahamut as a dragon born? I love the podcast, the references, (Kudos to Sara for the thinly veiled 'Into the Woods' reference in episode 62) the bad impressions, and especially the laugh of Trondoor. I find myself laughing like him just for pure amusement at random points throughout the day. You guys make me look forward to Wednesdays. Keep up the great work, and thanks for broadcasting this!
  3. JeffRozak

    Episode 58 — Change of Scenery

    Any pics of those listener-made playing cards?
  4. JeffRozak

    Episode 46 — The New Guy

    I'm glad I'm not the only one. Don't know why it's not there. I thought maybe it was another skip week, but scouring Twitter all AM in a nerd panic turned up nothing. For now, obsessively clicking REFRESH in iTunes and on my iPad podcasts app... EDIT: Never mind, I couldn't wait. I went right to Soundcloud for my Wednesday treats. (y)
  5. JeffRozak


    I think "Stargoyle" is more of a loving nickname given to a being that is not completely understood by our heroes. Don't think of it as an over-simplified name for the type for being that he is, nor just an incredibly unimaginative proper name, but rather a pet name given to him based on his appearance. (Like 'Blondie,' or 'Tiny.') We know that he is (or contains) a miniature black hole, but based on the descriptions in the latest episode (number 42 as of typing this)... SPOILER ALERT!!!! ...that Stargoyle isn't consuming the souls, but rather that they pass through him -- a process that breaks the link between the soul and the old man. We also know that this process isn't controllable by Stargoyle -- the souls just get sucked into him by his gravity. Whether this means that the souls (or soul fragments, as in Mildred's case) are destroyed or not has yet to be revealed, but from the descriptions in the latest episode it sounds closer to a type of "freeing" than destruction. From the time our heroes first acquired their new gear and Stargoyle, I had a sneaking suspicion that those gifts were key to ending the evil they are charged with defeating. I have a hunch that Stargoyle (perhaps in conjunction with some sort of amplifier) is the key to freeing all of the stolen souls, and putting Bahamut as ease.
  6. JeffRozak

    Episode 42 — Other Side of the Tower

    Ah ha! Stargoyle is (at least partially) the key! I had a hunch when our heroes first acquired their new friend and new gear that those gifts would be needed to end this evil. Happy birthday, Blaine!
  7. JeffRozak

    Episode 27 — Knocking Out

    I definitely need to invest in Rock. (Not for use with Paper.) Prediction: The "humans" that crashed on this tuft were attacked by the "space spiders" (a la Lost in Space) and are now the current inhabitants. They ARE the Collectors, who are stealing/cloning women from other civilizations because the Space Spiders are killing off their women. The heroes had 3 destinations to choose from. The other two destinations (with multiple inbound ships) were about to be "collected from." The reason this planet has only one large Collector ship inbound is because it is bringing in a fresh batch of women collected by the other ships. Perhaps the timing is the tip-off. Why is this ship arriving just after a space spider attack? Hopefully, the surgery performed on Mildred is enough to keep her from dying with the other infected women. In contrast, I'm also thinking that the samples taken from the women have something to do with the clones found on collector ships (as the players theorized.). I would love to see Mildred throw down with a clone of herself.
  8. JeffRozak

    Episode 23 — Anybody's Game

    Nooooooo!!! You can't end it like that! LMAO! Best episode yet. Second the motion for more episodes per week. ;-)
  9. JeffRozak

    Episode 14 — The Control Room

    I agree that this was the best ep so far. Thank you, Brian, for letting it go long -- I've been hoping for longer episodes since the beginning. Why limit to 60min anyways? "...and as the camera pulls back out through the broken windows, we see our heroes collecting themselves, dusting each other off, and beginning to look around at the semi-destroyed control room. Just before the picture fades to black, we can just barely perceive the image of a spectral Karn rising from the water below the control tower on the back of a very familiar spirit bear as they make their way to the great beyond......"
  10. JeffRozak

    Parents Lie

    Sorry, don't know why it didn't upload the mp3. Here's a link to the song instead: http://www.reverbnation.com/play_now/song_9165550
  11. JeffRozak

    Parents Lie

    Parents Lie Words & Music by Jeff Rozak Little babe, don't go to sleep. That's when the monsters all come out, and start to creep. You know, your parents just don't want to hear you cry. They'll tell you anything - of course they're gonna lie. You don't know me, but I'll tell you what's true: No matter what they say, your parents lie to you. Oooo-ooooo, Your parents always lie to you. Little one, I hate to break the news, But I can still recall when I was in your shoes. Your Mom and Dad don't know that much more than you. Why do you think they always send you to your room? Oooo-ooooo, Your parents always lie to you.