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  1. AWWW YEAH MONKEY SHINES! Congrats, June!
  2. KajusX

    Episode 456 - The Historic Rap

    @Newbie, that is amazing.
  3. KajusX

    Episode 456 - The Historic Rap

    This ep has Best Of 2016 written all over it. "You guys have reached peak making-fun-of-me."
  4. KajusX

    Episode 438 - Hair Take It

    BCB sprung to mind for me as well, but I had a feeling it wouldn't be him because it did not fit the criteria since Big Chunky Bubbles appeared on the Live in Montreal howl-exclusive ep, the recording of which I would assume preceded today's ep.
  5. I just started the improvised story portion of the podcast, and I'm going to predict that, with the location being 'Airship Underwater,' Paul sneaks in a Bioshock reference or two. EDIT: No mentions! I lose.
  6. Speaking of two mentions in a day, Scott on today's CBB— which was recorded in the past week or so— made reference to Alien Vs Predator's tagline "Whoever Wins, We Lose" when he mentioned Batman Vs Superman, as did Nima Funk on this episode, which, as Robyn mentioned, was recorded in early June. Paul cracked up both times at the mention, as did I!
  7. On the Joe Besser topic, Matt explained at the very beginning that Joe Besser and Matt's grandfather were first cousins. In relation to Matt, you just add 'removed' for every generation between he and Joe. Matt's father and Joe Besser are first cousins once removed. Matt and Joe are first cousins twice removed. it's even stated plain as day on Matt's wikipedia page, with a citation leading to an interview in which Matt says what he repeated on the show: Joe Besser was Matt's grandfather's cousin. In Larry's letter that Matt reads before they get on the call, the letter states that Joe Besser was Larry's great uncle. That means that Larry is more directly blood-related to Joe Besser than Matt, because Larry's grandmother Henrietta was Joe's sister, whereas Matt's grandfather Herbert was Joe's first cousin. Matt's great grandfather Isidore was Joe's uncle. Once Matt ands Larry talk this out, Larry misspeaks and calls Matt's and Joe's blood relation as being second cousins. They are actually first cousins twice removed. I don't think Larry and Matt figure out their specific blood relation, but based on the tree established during the call, Henrietta and Herbert were first cousins (because their dads Morris and Isidore were brothers), therefore Matt's dad and Henrietta's child/Larry's parent are second cousins, so Larry and Matt are third cousins. Family tree branches spread wide when you get into cousin numbering. TL;DR Joe and Matt are first cousins twice removed. Larry and Matt are third cousins.
  9. I skimmed through this long thread first but may have missed it. Has anyone mentioned that they referenced the song 'We Are the Champions' a few times during the ep, but that song is by Queen? Wasn't sure if this was a mix up or if they were simply tapping into the "songs performed by gay men" reference pool. I would bet it was just a mix up.
  10. Boingo the Celebrity-Turned-Hermit was quite a gem of a character to have had unfold.
  11. KajusX

    Episode 412 - Little Whittle Whistle

    I'm usually more worried he'll say 'Mailer Daemon' 13 times.
  12. Kathy snuck in a one word Mr. Show reference to the band Smoosh when she answered Scott's question with, "dunno."
  13. I never thought I'd hear Paul F. say my name, let alone ALW! I asked the ska question and was delighted with their answers. haha
  14. Great episode! And I must say, that new logo is BANGING. The idea of couching the insignia inside a compass rose is SO cool. It seamlessly fits with the old map background and the parchment/canvas-style banner swirling about it. Every time I turn my phone on and see the logo full on the screen I just GLOM on it with my eyes. It fucking POPS. Perfect evolution of the logo. Cheers!
  15. "Oh yeah, get in tight. Feel my hot breath on your nape." That slayed me. Gabrus as a super-jock-y, pumped up Wall Street guy was amazing, and Matt's decision to be a limp, wet rag of a guy to counteract his alpha male-ness was a great choice! Langhorne Slim was really good too! I liked the songs, and the improvisers pulled a lot of funny stuff from the music. The "Thanks, Jon, 'cuz you're one of my biggest critics," conversation was a genuinely touching part of the episode as well.