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  1. Awestin

    Episode 32 - Water Slides & Pizza

    Loved the bonus chart! That was great! Please keep doing those!
  2. Awestin

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    Woo! Thanks Kulap! I'm a fan of Awesomesauce. Delicious! __ Which one did you like better? The one that specifies the type of summa' gum (Option 2) or the Earwolf gum (Option 1)? __ Also, I just realized I said "Sloppy Tommy" in my first post. Not "Sloppy Timmy"
  3. Awestin

    "I Heal With My Steel" Music Video Contest

    I just finished listening to the latest episode. Sounds like a great idea! I love how you guys are holding contests!
  4. Awestin

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    No comments on the shirt?
  5. Awestin

    Where my Hawaii Peoples at?

    Sorry to ruin the purpose of the post further, but: "LOL!". Dog the Bounty Hunter, that killed me. That show is so not for me. :]
  6. Awestin

    Summah Gum

    Lol, I was actually designing a t-shirt for "Who Charted?" and I kept wanting to make the gum package Orbit branded. Has Howard said his gum was Orbit at some time or did we all just pull that out of nowhere? http://www.earwolf.com/forums/topic.php?id=829
  7. Awestin

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    Reposting with different background for easier viewing. Sorry, tried to edit previous post but it wouldn't let me remove the previous attachments. [attachment=1909,48] [attachment=1909,49]
  8. Awestin

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    Yeah I caught that Well I already made it so I'll just post it and hope it gets picked up later __________________ Shirt Template: I used a free photoshop template for the shirt. Credits link below. www.mirceavlad.com Shirt Design: Done by me! :] I, personally, prefer Option 1 (the first one) over Option 2.
  9. Awestin

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    I've got one! I'll post it later :]
  10. Awestin

    Episode 110 - Thumbs Yes!

    I'm with Hot Dog, PLEASE make that shirt.
  11. Awestin

    Who Charted T-Shirt

    I agree! That would be really cool, the goose and the "Have a Summa'!" Shirt would be cool. Sloppy tommy!? No thank you