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    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    Chev Chelios has had his colon replaced with a small jet engine. He must constantly eat fiber rich foods (or non-foods, like an old lady's wig or the tires off a low rider) to keep the engine jammed with his dense feces in order to prevent the engine from taking off, along with his intestines in... Crank 3: Rocket to Uranus. Chev Chelios has had the left side of his brain replaced by a gasoline engine. While making sure to regularly poor unleaded fuel into his ear, he needs to constantly solve difficult math equations or the engine will stall in.... Crank 3: Desk Duty. I can see a scene when he's holding on to the roof of a speeding car with one hand, while trying to figure out the cars kinetic energy using its estimated speed and weight with a formula he's scribbled on the hood with a crayon.