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    CHIP!! CHIP?

    ""But I really think I need to tell you..........
  2. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 131 — Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    On the question about the Bill Carter morphing...the answer is Episode 74# 55min/ 58 seconds into the podcast... I just listened to this one again and I'm starting to wonder if Bill is one of the 30 heads on the beautiful satan monster that Chip is cobbling together... incidently there are so many similiarities between the 2 characters it's hillarious.. everyone needs to listen to this again. Andy...please tell me you are working to bring to life a visit from this mysterious "man who operates in international waters. " He must have great STUFF to tell about his floating Island of Dr, Moreau/ Sausage Stuffing factory. PLEASE GET ANDY AND PATTON TOGETHER AGAIN!!! I NEED A LITTLE MORE SOMETHING FOR DADDY!!!
  3. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 131 — Honorary Mayor of Hollywood

    Such a great episode..I love the "suicidal tendancies" thread that all of Andy's characters have, regardless of how different they are from each other...Gotta agree with Zach...Andy is at his best with Jason, Patton and Scott. There is a playfullness there that we as listeners are allowed to be a part of and the way they bounce of each other is flawless... Andy is so quick and able to turn things around..just amazing! I have this uncontrollable urge to watch Semi-Pro again and get me some Dick Pepperfield...
  4. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    Thanks for sharing the pics. I have even more respect for everyone having to sit in a room and weave the magic despite that crazy hat Mr. Gelman was wearing. If i close my eyes i can still make out the pattern.... My favorite desk graffitti: "Let's Go Crazy" by Prince.
  5. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    Epic return of the "Die-namic Duo"! The puns have me rolling and this is defintely a keeper. Messmore has some serious flow on that rap battle...you can tell he was working in the lab late one night to build up that skill. I've listend to this 3 times already...fantastic episode
  6. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 77 — Crappy Howl-o-ween!

    So Hot Saucer-man, Halloween is furiously approaching and it really feels like another session with Messmore and Bueford would be in order. How can we mere mortals make this happen? Increased spirit chanting during our work hours? Uijii board tourneys? In the words of the words that are rarely used in action movies or even action TV series these days, ...."Let's Do This."
  7. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 99 — Somethin' for Daddy!

    Another one of my favorites...no dull spots..just solid laughs all the way through..Are we to expect that Don will be selling his Pattoned Pussy Paste or Pasties on the Earwolf website? Daddy may need some bail money.....
  8. JCVDcandothesplits

    Episode 77 — Crappy Howl-o-ween!

    I can listen to this episode over and over again..do we have to wait until Halloween until Messmore and Bueford LeBaron make another apperance? They need to be regulars! And can't the boys do interviews with the famous residents of Suicide House? I've been waiting to hear the Dana Plato interview.