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  1. daveB from Oakland

    Episode 308 - Hard Knocks

    I love the long backstory of Matt's exasperation with Armen, going back to this old Who Charted ep http://www.earwolf.com/episode/gandalf-vs-snape/
  2. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 262 — Shamp and Cond

    Randy Denton also sends food gifts to Pistol Shrimps Radio ... Randy's sleeping around with all the podcasts!!
  3. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 258 — Spit It and Quit It

    Okay sorry, I said it last week, and I gotta say it again: The guest was delightful and her segment was way too short. Kether herself actually objected to being ushered off so soon. She wanted to hang out! Sorry gang ... I love all of you but as a longtime chartist I gotta say whatever it is I just said. What did i just say?
  4. At first I thought they were saying "Bag of Ants" when they were talking about Bagger Vance. On an unrelated note, here's the Olsen Twins song they were talking about
  5. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 257 — Dystopian Futures

    Positive note: The new video games theme is my favorite since the classic movies theme. Less positive: Stephanie Allynne is great ... I'm kind of bummed her segment wasn't longer. Felt pretty rushed. Side note: Stephanie does, indeed, have amazing hair.
  6. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 211 — Live from Politicon 2015

    I can't believe they were in the same building as Michelle Bachmann. The lineup for this ... thing ... whatever this thing was ... it looks like it was a bizarre event: http://politicon.com/
  7. daveB from Oakland

    17 The Funniest Thing Michael Stipe Ever Saw

  8. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 184 — 4/20 Special: Clit's Alive

    This doesn't look like Naturebox to me http://cdn2.earwolf.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/04/IMG_1694.jpg
  9. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 345 — Shifting Bouncy

    ROCKY (aka "Rocky Vilaysack Aukermann) needs a page!!
  10. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 227 — Movie Theater Plug Life

    Kitty gives me hope for the Young People of America. She seems very smart, confident, and unpretentious. I also love that she had the Claire's Boutique job in common with Tracy Reardon.
  11. daveB from Oakland

    EPISODE 225 — Sex Causes Pregnancy

    Rocky is so dang cute.
  12. daveB from Oakland

    Episode 217 — Bradley Cooper's Under My bed

    That T-swift song's been in the charts for a while now, and there's NO way she's not saying "Starbucks Lovers". Probably Starbucks paid her off for the product placement. They paid her off!! Howard gave up on this too easily. I'm calling Alex Jones with this info, gotta fight the Infowars. #Illuminati
  13. I love when Lauren does the fake advertisements, like what the hell is a "squarespace", that sounds so dum, LOL!!!
  14. daveB from Oakland

    Episode 326 — 2014 Holiday Spectacular

    I don't understand how Lauren keeps getting crazier and funnier.