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  1. unicornery

    Episode 57 — Boogie Jams

    "Howard, don't call your DVD player a VCR." I also love watching (powering through) movies in double-time. You can hear the sound but it's even easier if there's English subtitles on the DVD.
  2. I am sorry for your loss, Matt. I think this was a great tribute episode. Everyone reading in the cadence of the letter had me screaming with laughter (safely inside my car). Take care and I look forward to the next I4H!
  3. unicornery

    Holiday Special with PFT

    Brian, that would be both amazing, and a third SCHcandal.
  4. unicornery

    Holiday Special with PFT

    I was thinking Red Fu Star for the red star on the cover of 2112. Or perhaps, Red Fu Sector A. Signed, a lady who has been to 3 Rush concerts, 2 of them with another lady in tow.
  5. unicornery

    Episode 135 — Scavenge and the Wisemen

    BAKIN' A PLAIN CAKE! AAHh! I want to pounce on CBB like Morgan Murphy in Yacht Rock. I'm only partway through the episode but I'm super in love with it already.
  6. Jason was so funny in this episode, especially saying "*Great* horse." during the Godfather horse testicle story.
  7. unicornery

    Episode 5 — Analyze Phish Episode 3

    Agreeing with Scott, Adam, and other posters who have said they enjoyed "Hairy Hood." Reminded me of parts of "Tales from Topopgraphic Oceans." Harris I know you mentioned Yes in episode one, do you like TFTO? Overall I thought this was a great episode, very funny and dirty.
  8. unicornery

    Episode 51 — Death of the Party

    I was going to grump about chart-transplanting Pink Floyd for Coldplay, but the "Weird present sex" story more than made up for it. Has H Kremer ever been a monologist for ASSSSCAT? He has so many great stories, I would think he'd be a natural fit.
  9. unicornery

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    Yeah! At first I said, "Don't let Howard be on the sex commercial," but then he won me over.
  10. unicornery

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    Bobby/Fagin wanting a plane break made me so, so happy.
  11. I definitely have Welsh Onion Syndrome.
  12. unicornery

    Episode 46 — Margaret and Al

    Loved this episode! Super into Al and Margaret. I was worried that the chillwavers would come out in force like the math rockers did, but based on the posts above mine, they are far more chill Also I agree with the recommendation of Eddie's twitter.
  13. unicornery

    Episode 44 — Toilet Full of Scary

    Agreed, Julia. Tim Heidecker making the "Allentown" connection, and chuckling, "You dummies..." made me so happy.
  14. unicornery

    Episode 42 — 12.5 Cups of Summah

    How great to hear the dreamy & funny Todd Barry on WC. Getting my iTunes ready for Who Chanted. Also, re: Des Moines, Howard, we would love to have you!
  15. unicornery

    Episode 41 — Teach Me How To Skittle

    Great eppy, but now I have "True" by Spandau Ballet stuck in my head XD This is the sounnnnnnd of my soul