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    Episode 24 — Fucking In The Dark

    This episode was one of your best. Howard sounded like he was in a great mood and everyone was having such a great time. I loved it, somehow, more than I loved the other episodes. Awesome!
  2. Does it say "Rest in peace John Candy"? If so, grrrrrrrrrate!
  3. FarfaFarf

    Let's Get Depressed Y'all

    This is really good. And it looks like a crayon.
  4. FarfaFarf

    Scott-o-bot Plugs Theme

    This is great!
  5. FarfaFarf

    Plug Theme Submission

    It has it's good parts, but it's not easy on the earbuds!
  6. This is a "good one" for not having Scott's vocals in it.