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  1. I watched a Friday the 13th documentary where the director of this movie said that the credit card was shown for so long because he wanted to allow time for an audience member to yell out, "Don't leave home without it!" He said that a lot of the jokes in the movie are meant for audience participation.
  2. Lee Danger Hawken

    Episode 076: On Her Majesty's Secret Slideshow

    *Clearly* that men's room should be called the Piss Gloria. I'll see myself out. Good day.
  3. Lee Danger Hawken

    Episode 178 - Superman IV: The Quest For Peace: LIVE!

    Paul was right about there being different color Kryptonite with different effects. First off, the reason chunks of his home planet effect him at all is because they were irradiated by Krypton's explosion. Just think of Uranium as our weakness, "Earthite" if you will. Anyway here's the rundown on the different flavors of Kryptonite; Green- Greatly weakens Kryptonians with prolonged exposure causing death. Red- Causes a different effect with each exposure. Giving Superman an ant head, making him evil, etc. This usually lasts for 48 hours. Blue- No effect on Superman but is like green kryptonite for Bizarro duplicates(Creatures similar to the deleted Frankenberry Nuclear Man). Gold- Robs Superman of his stored solar energy rendering him powerless but otherwise unharmed. This can be temporary or permanent depending on the writer. Black- Has the effect of the kryptonite Richard Pryor made in Superman III, splitting him into two beings, one good, the other evil. Hope that helps. As far as why Nuclear Man, a clone of Superman, has Gene Hackman's voice? I got nothing. Though I highly recommend the audio commentary for this film. It pretty well answers the question, How Did This Get Made. My favorite quote from it is "Superman 4 was made with the best intentions." Thanks for another favorite episode! My best to you and yours, Lee
  4. Lee Danger Hawken

    EPISODE 120 - Masters of the Universe

    Hands down one of my top five favorite episodes! A few notes about just how bonkers the cartoon is(sorry if I'm repeating anyone's previous comments)... He-Man's mother, Marlena, is an astronaut from Earth who's spacecraft went off-course. Charlton Heston got Apes. She became royalty. Teela(Man-At-Arms/Mustacio's daughter) is actually the magic clone of The Sorceress that Mustacio raised as his own. Skeletor is the half-brother of He-Man's father, Randor, making him He-Man's uncle. Skeletor was born Keldor, a bastard of king Miro, He-Man's grandfather. Miro brought Keldor home to raise alongside his legitimate son. Keldor was essentially Jon Snow with blue skin. Then, like all twentysomethings, Keldor accidentally Two-Faced himself, giving us one of pop-culture's most charasmatic failures. Thanks for yet another terrific episode! PS, google "Cosmo Skeletor by Johnny Sampson".
  5. Lee Danger Hawken

    Episode 23 — The Room: Director\'s Edition

    This episode is like finding the Dead Sea Scrolls for a "Room" fan! Cannot wait for the book. Thank You to all involved!
  6. I can't even... Where do I begin? Just please do these.
  7. Lee Danger Hawken

    Nothing But Trouble

    This. Needs. To. Happen.
  8. Lee Danger Hawken

    Episode 15.5 — Minisode 16

    I'm gonna smurf you so hard, you won't smurf straight for a week!
  9. Lee Danger Hawken

    Episode 12.5 — Minisode 13

    Chev Chelios' brain has been stolen by a Dutch wheat cartel and replaced by an inferior mechanical duplicate. In order to keep it functioning long enough to retrieve the original he has to constantly learn by either reading or being read to. Also, having sex with Amy Smart helps for some reason. Reading is fundamental in... CRANK 3:NO-BRAINER!!!