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  1. smithcorp

    Reverse second opinion

    G'day all I noticed you didn't run the second opinion segment for Fast 6, a movie you all loved. I thought it might be good to read out one-star reviews for second opinions for the films you don't have much bad to say about. For instance, here's Tim Smith from Denver, a one-star review from Amazon: What do you think? smith
  2. Great episode. Before the podcast I had never heard of The Room, but the more I hear, read and see, the more I know I have to expose my family and friends to this experience!
  3. "Kitty Porn" could be the greatest cat name ever!
  4. smithcorp

    Episode 20 — Punisher: War Zone

    Best episode ever! Having Lexi Alexander in the studio was great - her insights really made this episode set a new standard fro the podcast. Really great that you could get the director to be part of the program. I'm now madly tracking down Punisher!
  5. One of my favourites. Loved the Buster Keaton reference and the image of Bob's particular gluteal profile.
  6. smithcorp

    Android app - working outside USA?

    Hi Shahruz - it was downloading, installing and then not appearing on my device (or in the market under my apps). However, I just now tried for about the fifth time to install and it seems to have worked now. Cheers smith
  7. G'day, big fan of your podcasts, but I can't seem to install the Android Earwolf app in Australia. is it region restricted?