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  1. staggerednoise

    Episode 295 — I Turned It On For The Dog Penis

    As a long time fan of both CBB and Lonny, it was awesome to see my two favorite comedy worlds cross over. Nice to see the UCB-centric world of Earwolf mixing with people like Alex and Dan, and by extension, internet sketch groups like BriTANick.
  2. staggerednoise

    Harris' Wikipedia Page

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Harris_Wittels Read the section about his band. The person who edits Harris' page made my day.
  3. staggerednoise

    submit youtube clips for improv4humans

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtyKofFih8Y Besser, this will make you lose your mind. More crazy gun people being crazy
  4. Episode 17 (Kevin Dorff, Alex Fernie, and Paul Rust): The rise and fall of the man who can only use the bathroom in a car and the embarrassment of the man who cut off the wrong girl's face. The story starts right around 25:00 and it is definitely my favorite scene so far. If I could nominate this whole episode, I totally would. Can we also nominate our favorite introductory questions?
  5. staggerednoise

    Episode 137 — Best of 2011 Pt 1

    I just have to add that Brett Gelman's Halloween rap definitely wins him the position of CBB freestyle rap king. He had a legitimately awesome flow.
  6. staggerednoise

    What guest do you want to see?

    I don't know if you could Michael Swaim and Dan O'Brien from Cracked.com, but that would be exceptional. And bit of Don Dimello as well.