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    My wish is for a Zouks Cruise. Like a Gu Cruise but Jason drives the ski doo while I ride on the back. Scott can watch from the shore.
  2. ArcturusFats

    Episode 222.5 — Sklarbro County 127

    The millennials discussion was frustrating, the job they describe as a job they didn't want to take after college is the kind of thing i'd love to have and can't find. I haven't listened to the episode of the Cracked podcast they were talking about but it didn't seem like the Sklars or the guest had any context for what its actually like to be graduating from college in the last 5 years (at least).
  3. ArcturusFats

    Episode 10 — Blackface

    I'm just posting how much I like this podcast. I really like this podcast.
  4. ArcturusFats

    Episode 84.5 — 7/13/2012 TWO CHARTED 23

    Any chance of Todd Glass on Who Charted? It'd be great! This is a great episode. no time for summah dr jones
  5. ArcturusFats

    Episode 69 — Ronna & Beverly

    Who Charted should have more character guests! Its always fun (I haven't listened to this episode yet but i'm sure it will be) and it'd also be a good way for you to have Paul F. Tompkins on again (the primary goal of all podcasts) without having to figure out what to do for the chart game.
  6. ArcturusFats

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Ahaha you'll never get out of the maze bro
  7. ArcturusFats

    Gelmania II

    These are so fucking great.
  8. ArcturusFats

    Episode 52 — One Year Anniversary!

    Your voices aren't annoying! Congratulations on the year!
  9. ArcturusFats

    Episode 133 — Fortunately Unfortunately

    "Makes it into his 'torture garden'?" So great, loved fortunately/unfortunately.
  10. ArcturusFats

    Episode 50 — DJ Robbi Scrab

    Wow, this guest comes out of nowhere but i've been a fan of Schrab since Scud, can't wait to listen!
  11. ArcturusFats

    Episode 49 — Pop Quiz

    "Your vampire costume was a piece of shit." This is the funniest thing.
  12. ArcturusFats

    Episode 123 — No Scoop for You

    The rap battle was basically the best thing i've ever heard, oh my god.
  13. Eddie Pepitone would probably be amazing. Would love to hear Posehn on again.
  14. Eddie Pepitone would probably be amazing. Would love to hear Posehn on again.
  15. ArcturusFats

    Episode 34 — It\'s Pronounced \"RO-bits\"

    WC is on fire with the guests lately, Maron last week and Odenkirk this week! Great stuff as always.