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  1. McCawley

    Comedy Bang Bang on tour

    Chicago late show was insanely great last night.
  2. McCawley

    Issues with New Cyber Thug Radio

    I was surprised to see Eddie Murphy sweating an $8 purchase, but I also don't know anyone that saw Tower Heist.
  3. McCawley

    Episode 8 — Analyze Phish Episode 4

    Did Phish play any PLUM JAMS?
  4. McCawley

    Episode 141 — Ladies Night

    Bong Song was obviously inspired by G&O, but I really enjoyed the heck out of it.
  5. McCawley

    New Forum Format

  6. McCawley

    Would you rather

    Will I be able to wear rubber boots during either scenario?
  7. McCawley

    Guests you wanna hear

    Luke Burbank, Jennifer Andrews, or Sean DeTore from "Too Beautiful to Live"
  8. McCawley

    Episode 8 — Goon Fight

    I lost both of my my thumbs in a tragic 1/2 priced appetizers accident at Applebees. Is this podcast still for me?
  9. McCawley

    Episode 46 — David Kahn of SModcast

    Great conversation... David Kahn has really great insight into the business of media buying.
  10. McCawley

    chart chatter

    It's a good segment and is the type of thing that helps build a sense of "community" with fans of podcast. I hope they bring Chart Chatter back, but agree with Bucho that it should be moved to later in the show. It's a momentum killer at the top but would fit in nicely near the end, either at the very end or right before the Obscure Facts About the Guest game.
  11. McCawley

    I have a GREAT idea!!!!

    Shouldn't you put that money towards a new keyboard? You seem to have several broken keys.
  12. McCawley

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    Really enjoyed this episode. I'm with Dustin, CBB/CDR has always had a musical element. The fact that the show has grown enough to pull in talent like Nick Lowe (NICK LOWE!!!!) is pretty incredible. Also, this is as good a time as any to share this pic of my wife and Margaret Cho telling me that I'm #3 (or something). [attachment=10819,277]
  13. McCawley

    Episode 132 — Occupy Thanksgiving

    "Wave of Mutilation" is a fantastic, though very likely unintended, response to the people complaining about cutting jokes from last week.
  14. McCawley

    Episode 130 — Tall Napoleon

    True story... I was almost murdered when I was ten years old. I tripped on a pair of sneakers someone left laying in the hallway and I overheard the octor say that if I'd been walking on top of a thirty-story building, I would have died.
  15. McCawley

    What Am I Thinking?

    It can be a bit tedious, but I do enjoy it from time to time. Maybe just bring it out once in awhile... As Sarah Silverman would say, make it a treat.
  16. McCawley

    Episode 126 — Suicide is Painless

    Recently bought tickets to see Wilco in December, and Nick Lowe will be opening. He's invading my life!!!
  17. McCawley

    Episode 44 — Toilet Full of Scary

  18. How do I sign up for a subscription to Date Rape Magazine?
  19. McCawley

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    I think it would be more accurate to look at podcasts taking over terrestrial radio share of the market, especially as more and more cars become "Smart" and allow you to download content directly to your dashboard. Also, now that I have an AV plug-in in the car, I listen to almost nothing but podcasts (and WXRT) while I drive. As far as advertisers go, it's hard for them to wrap their brain around this medium. It's best compared to national syndicated radio shows (like Dr. Laura, Bob & Tom, etc) but doesn't have the kind of large audience that syndicated radio brings. So you have to look more at what KIND of audience you're reaching... And that's the great thing about podcasts. It's not for all advertisers, but it's an audience that's loyal, tuned-in, and easy to narrowly target as far as demographics go. It's not a huge audience (even Carolla, Smith, and Maron can't compare to most syndicated radio listenership) but it's the RIGHT audience.
  20. McCawley

    Episode 24 — Who Are Our Superfans?

    This was so much fun to record. Thank you Jeff, for asking me to be on the show, and Julia and Dustin for being so great to chat with. So surreal!