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    Dreamcatcher (2003)

    This movie when taken as some sort of surrealist satire is not actually that bad.
  2. lasercage

    Episode 111 — Hi, How Are You?

    I really hope this Gelman thing is legit and not just a cocktease like Cyber Thug Radio was. Which sounds harsh, I know and I also know not to blame earwolf but my cock just really doesn't like being teased.
  3. lasercage

    What have you learned?

    I learned that an undercurrent of amusement and whimsy flows throughout the world like The Force, and that I am not the only one so lucky as to feel it. Also, I've been living on the wrong coast all along.
  4. lasercage

    Exit Wounds (2001)

    I'm going to just list the top billed actors and let you make a judgment based solely on that - Steven Seagal, DMX.
  5. lasercage

    Deadfall (1993)

    The absolute pinnacle of Nicolas Cage disasters, with equally miserable performances by Michael Biehn and James Coburn. Though not the protagonist, Nicolas Cage delivers the most balls out ridiculous tantrums of his career and there is added insanity in the form of cameo appearances from Charlie Sheen, Peter Fonda, Talia Shire and Mickey Dolenz. This movie is a trainwreck that confuses and fails so intensely it makes Season of the Witch palatable and Drive Angry seem like a glorious fable of modern day folly.