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    Episode 129 — Comedy Fang Fang

    Maybe my favorite episode of Comedy Fang Fang ever! I never thought anything could top Nick Kroll ad Harris Wittles (86, I think), but I was broken down by the hilarious puns and what is undoubtedly the best freestyle rap segment ever, beating even the original Wet Hot American Summer rap. Jon Daly is absolutely hilarious in this episode, his character's silly mannerisms had me cracking up, even when he wasn't saying something very joke-y, if you will. Loved it Hot Saucerman, awesome!
  2. sabresfan4

    Episode 15 — The Back-Up Plan

    Pleeeease do Captain America next. This movie's complete disregard for science was maddening to me, especially considering the fact the the concept of science is used as an excuse for so much sci-fi crap in the film. A zero-gravity fight in a plummeting plane? WHAT?! I'm pretty sure that's not how g's work.
  3. sabresfan4

    Episode 49 — The Sprint Panda

    Ummm.... Soundcloud? Why can't I get a hold of the country? I'm taking heavy fire from boredom! If I don't get back across the border, this battle could turn into a war! *facepalm*